You would know that many directions are required if you are an existing restaurant owner that wants to have hookahs at the office or a new restaurant owner that wants to open a new hookah lounge. Hookah or Sheesha is a water pipe with tobacco in it and in different flavors such as apple, cinnamon, and mint. as it is often called. Like cigarettes by various people, this pipe is smoked. The side effects of tobacco are well known to all. Health for smokers and non-smokers is quite harmful. The government needs a Hookah Bar license before a hookah bar can start because there is tobacco inside it.

The FSSAI government in India amended anti-tobacco laws that bar food and drink services in a designated smoking area on 30 May 2017. It is now important that the owners of the restaurant follow these rules and obtain or renew their hookah bar FSSAI license.

How to Obtain Hookah Bar License?

Each country in India has a number of different guidelines on alcohol and tobacco licenses. However, some of the common guidelines are followed by all states. The COTPA Act was introduced and was effective on October 2, 2008, by all hooka bar owners. COTPA Sec 4 states that there is no public place where anyone is allowed to smoke. “Provided that a separate smoking area or space may be provided in a hotel with thirty or more bedrooms or a restaurant that has a seating capacity of 30 or more and at airports.”

Trade License

The Supreme Court states that a trade license is sufficient to operate a hookah bar. The most important document for the hookah bar is the commercial license. The police officer of that particular city or city needs a hookah bar license. A request must be made and forwarded to the police officer.

  • If the following conditions are met, the Commissioner of Police will grant the license:
  • It is not permissible to sell tobacco products to someone under 18 years of age.
  • In the vicinity of the hookah bar, there should be no school or hospital or place of worship.
  • Hookah ingredients should be allowed and not used in anti-tobacco legislation.

Municipal Corporation’s shops and business law and trade license

The license is required by a local city company or registered in accordance with the Law of Shops and Establishments. The Shops and Establishment Act falls within the competence of the department of labor. It governs the working conditions of businesses, trusts, societies, profits-related educational institutions, and institutions that carry out banking, stock transactions, and insurance. It defines working times, holidays, minimum wages, maternity leaves, etc.

The cost of obtaining a commercial license for each city by a municipal firm is different. The Citizen Service Bureau (CSB) or online can apply for a trade license. CSB’s application can be obtained with Rs.25 payment. With the internet, it is possible to download the application and then submit it to the closest CSB. Once the request has been submitted together with processing fees, a G8 receipt is issued. There is a unique number for this G8 receipt. The site will then be inspected by the inspector for the license. Only a unique registration number will be released once the inspection is completed and approved by the license inspector.

 The CSB operator will then receive the unique registration number. The trade license for health will then be printed. The operator will then be paid license fees and processing charges. The municipal official will subsequently sign the commercial license. Documents are required for submission. The following are:

  • Site plan
  • Key plan
  • A copy of the sanction plan or completion plan from a registered architect.
  • Water / Sewer connection
  • Indemnity bond
  • Affidavit and a copy of partnership deed

Food License

Some other things that you should remember are that the hookah lounges must be operated in a restaurant. The administration has chosen hookah lounges cannot function alone. You must apply for a Food License for FSSAI as well. The Indian Food Safety Authority (FSSAI) or FSSAI issues food permits in India. For restaurant owners, this license is required. In all food stores, this is to guarantee and maintain good food quality. The FSSAI should be registered for every restaurant owner.

In order to obtain the license, you must first see whether you are entitled to basic, state, or central licenses. The application will then be forwarded to regional or online offices and necessary documents. The owner of the restaurant would pay the fees, followed by a check. If all of the conditions listed in FSSAI are met, the restaurant shall be awarded a food license.

Other Conditions

A few of the other conditions under which a commercial license can be issued should be designed to separate it from the main restaurant and to use most of the restaurant space in order to eat. Also, as previously discussed, there is no food and drink service in the smoking area. It is also important to have a neighboring NOC. Then there is another important fire safety department license required. Fire security inspected the facility and ensured that all firefighting arrangements were in place. After inspection, the restaurant owner will be issued NOC.

License Fees

The fees for the hookah vary from state to state and depend on the location of the hookah. The hookah bar license rates can be determined by the location of the lounge, either as an independent restaurant or a 5-star hotel, or a club. The restaurant owners can now open a hookah lounge in their restaurants under all open conditions.