You have planned the perfect beach vacation, done so much planning (almost outdoor activities), and it rains all of a sudden. Okay! It’s not ideal that there is bad weather on the forecast and a storm takes an unexpected turn. 

Instead of getting upset, you need to realize that the whole point of vacation is to unwind, breathe and relax. Creating “lazy” days is the bonus to lousy weather. These alternatives of activities on rainy days will be fun for you. Let’s explore some of the things to do when it rains on your vacation and how you can enjoy it on Port Aransas vacation rentals

Oh, My partners! Board games, puzzle games, cards…

The standard go-to games when your last-minute surf riding cancels. You will admit that you made your best memories of vacation with the entire family in your rental Port Aransas condos on the beach. You will surely go outrageous, comical choice and deafening laughter of your siblings. A rainy day is the perfect choice for a monopoly marathon or collecting a thousand pieces of a puzzle. What more could you ask for on vacation?

Go the museum 

Every time you go on a vacation, make one day educational just because an area that is known for beaches doesn’t mean anything else attractive there. You would be surprised to know that Port Aransas has museums, art galleries, and aquariums in a tourist area. Check out Texas State Aquarium, Port Aransas Museum, and many more and get to learn something about the place you are visiting. 

Plan this educational activity on your beach trip, and it would be a good excuse to do it on a rainy day. Then, your kids won’t complain that they would rather be swimming. 

Plan a fun family cooking battle 

Hear a raindrop? Start collecting food supplies for a family cook-off. Head everyone into the kitchen and held a top chef competition. Challenge your kids to create their own delicious meal. Let them make their own pizza, sandwich, or even cupcakes or brownies with whatever they could in their top chef pantry. 

At a beach resort, grab an exotic condo for your big family that includes a kitchen too. And it’s time to spend an exciting vacation there. Let their creativity juice flow, and they will all forget about the rain outside. Be a judge of this competition and spend your best time together.  

Movies, inside and out!

Most people think of heading to the theater for a movie when it starts raining on your beach vacation. It’s a natural choice, with so many fun summer movies available to choose from. Also, the nice plushy seat theaters are offering these days! (Jokes Apart)

If you don’t want to drop a lot of money at the box office or the weather is forcing you to stay inside, you can still watch movies inside. You will have big condos with living rooms at Mayan princess beach resort to relax with FREE wifi to enjoy your movie. And a great thanks to Netflix, you are always ready to roll with your favorite movie. 

Enjoy a leisurely meal in a great restaurant

We are always in a rush, and meals are often quick just to fuel our bodies. But why not make this vacation an opportunity as we are going to recharge our bodies and mind anyway. If you are a person who enjoys trying out new eateries, it’s great to explore different restaurants, bars, and cafes near you—trying out Island food or tasting out their specialty and a bunch of other appetizers. Rain will be your great excuse to linger. 

Sitting in a restaurant and feeling the atmosphere by enjoying a hot meal is luxurious in its way. Don’t sit in your room unless it’s impossible to move out. 

Relish the rainfall sitting on your Balcony

Rain + Balcony + Front beach view = Love, Love, and Love! 

Who doesn’t love watching the rainfall sitting on the Balcony? And it is so fascinating when you get Port Aransas beachfront houses on rent to enjoy the refreshing climate. A cup of coffee or having a cocktail spending most of the day just snuggling on a chair and taking in the surroundings. 

You will not believe it, but doing so on a rainy day is so calming and satisfying. Whatever you are doing, simply soothing a cup of tea or daydreaming, it’s a great way to calm your mind and body.

Get wet and enjoy rain on a beach 

Wait, here’s the disclaimer! Do it when you are sure it’s safe to do so. It means when it’s just a passing sun shower, you can relish and not the next tornado to hit. Also, because your kids will love this idea, they will not feel stuck in their hotel rooms during vacation. 

You are going to wet anyway, why not play some games on the wet sand? We suggest you make sandcastles, hold slippery races, and even noodle fights as the tide comes in. Also, what about dancing in the rain? Well, building sandcastles and dancing in the rain can be a lot of fun. 


There is no such excuse that rain can ruin your vacation plan. So rent a Port Aransas vacation rental and choose alternative as well as fun activities to do on your beach vacation. Don’t get upset or demoralized, remember the sun should be shining tomorrow!