Once you get to know your furnace is running and still blowing cold air, the next thought in mind that comes is what’s wrong? We know it can be really inconvenient and frustrating to have a significant furnace problem like this when you want your rooms to be comfortably warm and cozy. There can be various reasons behind your furnace blowing cold air. Some of these issues may require an easy fix. While in other cases, it’s best to have a professional furnace repair Sacramento CA expert identify the problem and resolve the issue.


Let’s learn about the common causes of these problems and also about simple troubleshooting tips for you to identify and probably fix the issue by yourself:

  • Thermostat Settings

The thermostat is an essential part of your central heating and cooling system. The thermostat settings mistake can also cause the furnace to blow cool air. So check your thermostat and go to fan settings. If it is set to ON, the thermostat will not blow warm air. You need to set it to “AUTO”. When it is on the AUTO setting, the fan will run automatically during heating or cooling your rooms.

  • Pilot Light is out

Furnaces with plight light can often cause this problem if their pilot light is out. When this happens, your heater will not be able to heat your home as the pilot light is required to light the fuel. You may try relighting this plight light, but you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions correctly. Otherwise, you can have an HVAC company Sacramento expert at your home to ignite this pilot light correctly and safely.

  • Your condensate drain is clogged

The Latest and high-efficiency furnace models use condensate drain lines to remove the water

during its operation process.  So when these drain lines become clogged, these furnaces will activate certain features that may prevent the burners from lightening.

  • Ductwork problems

Sometimes, the issue of cold air can occur due to leaky ducts or any structural damage to your air ducts. Your ductwork may have holes caused by animals’ teeth. So, in order to make sure no heater air goes out through these leaks, you will need professional ductwork repair services, or heating and air conditioning installation Sacramento services to fix this issue.

  • The supply of gas is insufficient

When the amount of gas that is needed by the furnace is not enough or the supply is turned off, the furnace may turn it off for safety purposes. This issue requires a professional HVAC expert for help.

  • Inspect your air filters

Dirty air filters are a common problem that blocks the airflow in furnaces. A furnace with clogged or dirty air filters will cause limited airflow. As such, your furnace will work even harder to make the heated air pass through the filters until it overheats. Once it overheats, the safety sensors will switch it off and then cool your furnace by blowing cold air. Frequent overheating can damage your furnace. So always change or replace the air filters of your furnace on time.