Thailand is the dream destination for many travellers, whether going solo, couple, family or friends you will get to see tourists of every type from all of the world flooding in the streets of Thailand, exploring every nook and corner of it, clicking pictures and having a gala of time. There is no surprise that the country of southeast Asia offers a plethora of scenic beauty, tropical experience, adventurous activists, parties and fun, all makes it a destination which travellers imagine having in travel goals. And for a hardcore beach and party lovers, Thailand comes in a full package showing off its white sandy beaches, crystal clear water in full glory along with being worldwide famous destination for entertainment. Here’s all the things that you need to know before heading out for Thailand to prep yourself up accordingly. 

Weather and best time to visit Thailand


Thailand welcomes people with open arms all throughout the year. But being a tropical area, one should know what to expect from Thailand according to the seasons. It is okay to be picky when to visit, you just don’t want to be stuck in a hotel room all day and watch the water pouring outside and sigh! A not so pretty sight of your holidays. 

That’s why the peak season when tourists flock from all over the world in Thailand is from November to February. The weather is however different in the northern Thailand and southern region. Northern Thailand has the dry and best temperature from November to February, from March to May it has dry but hot temperature, and from May to November heavy rainfall. The southern region of Thailand gets the most rainfall compared to the other regions of Thailand. The east coast region gets heavy rainfall from September to December and east coast in between April to October. 

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Four super exciting things you can do in Thailand to have the time of your life

Catch the amazing sunrise from a hot air balloon in Chiang Mai


Apart from strolling on the beaches and night parties, what more interesting and unusual thing you can do in Thailand? Go up in the air and fly like a bird. We all dream of experiencing the life of a bird and the view they get of the earth from the top. And when you are in Thailand, the opportunity knocks at your door.

Chiang Mai, the old and colourful city with traditional touch to it is located in the northern region of Thailand is the place where you can have the one-time experience to be in a hot air balloon and float over treetops. Not just any time in the hot air balloon but the mesmerizing moment when the sun rises. The professional pilot will navigate and take you up from the ground to a height of around 2000 feet. Only two people fit in the basket so it will be you and the pilot. Immerse yourself to feel the thrill, the breathtaking view of the countryside landscape and the rising sun from the top and the gush of air touching your skin. A truly out of the world experience which you won’t forget until you lose your memory.


Experience Songkran Festival- The water festival of Thailand


Songkran is a traditional festival of Thailand which is celebrated on Thai new year. It generally comes in the mid of April so if you happen to visit Thailand at that time, you should definitely indulge yourself in the fun festival.

Traditionally in Songkran bowls of water used to be thrown on Buddha, monks and among families and friends. The water thrown on each other is said to symbolise the purification and washing away one’s sin and bad luck. And in the modern-day Songkran water festival, it is not just limited to celebrating between family and friends but all the people come out on the streets and splash water on every random person and have fun.

This festival is celebrated for about three days and tourists from everywhere come here to witness the fun of the water festival. Everyone on the streets you will see holding water guns and buckets dipping each other wet. Mostly tourists visit Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Pattaya to take part in the water festival. 

Watch the breathtaking sight of Bangkok from Mahanakhon Skywalk


King Power Mahanakhon is the tallest skyscraper of Bangkok and one of the tallest architectures of Thailand having 77 floors. It offers the most amazing indoor and outdoor observation deck and 360-degree viewpoint of the Bangkok city from the top of the building.

Before going into details, warning for those who have a fear of heights, they avoid going here. And for the rest of you guys, it is the most thrilling, adventurous and amazing experience to be at a height of 314 m above the ground and watch the whole city in its full glory.

Visit here before the sunset and stay till night and observe the breathtaking view of the sky changing its colour from blue to red and golden, and then the emergence of the darkness and the city getting dazzled up in lights.

On the 74th floor you will get the indoor observation deck, from there an elevator will take you to the rooftop floor where lies the most interesting and adventurous part, the glass skywalk. It is indeed fearful at first but you will enjoy it to the fullest, the experience you will get. And going up a few more stairs comes the 360-degree viewpoint where you will truly feel being at the top of the world. 

Experience marine life- Snorkelling in Koh Tao


After flying like a bird and having the taste of being at the top, now let’s dive deep into the ocean and swim like fishes. Koh Tao is one of the best places in Thailand to get the most amazing experience of snorkelling. It is a small island but a lot of tourists visit there to see the coral reefs and other marine life up close. From air to water, you will get to experience everything here in amazing Thailand. Catch all the beauties of Thailand at best price, checkout Thailand tour packages and start planning your next trip.