Acid Reflux Treatment You Can Try at Home in Glencove

If you’re having serious issues with your acid reflux, also known as heartburn, you need to see the Acid Reflux Treatment Specialists near Glencove at Digestive Medical Care of Long Island.  If you’re having symptoms that you can handle at home, you need to know some practices and items that can help you avoid an expensive doctor visit so that you can get past your issue and continue to enjoy your day.  Let’s take a look at some tips to help you.

Make This the Last Time You Have Heartburn

If you want to avoid acid reflux and the long-term effects it can have on your digestive system, you need to employ some of these tips:

  1. Don’t Overeat – There’s nothing wrong with trying a little of several items when at a potluck or family party, but you need to understand the limitations. If you want to avoid acid reflux, you need to minimize your tendency to overeat.  Slow down, drink water between bites, and stop when you start to feel satisfied.
  2. Lose Weight –Excess belly fat can put too much pressure on your diaphragm and cause your stomach to be too weak to hold back the acid and keep it from entering the esophagus. If you’re overweight, this is one area where you can make a change that will benefit you for the rest of your life.
  3. Eat a Low-Carb Diet – Undigested carbs can cause you to have acid reflux that might eventually need treatment by the doctors near Glencove. Undigested carbs make you gassy and bloated and cause your stomach acid to be more active than it should be.
  4. Drink Less Coffee – You might depend on coffee to get you going in the morning, but you should avoid too much coffee if you’re trying to reduce the risk of acid reflux. Try to substitute some of your coffee with water and improve the overall digestive health in your body.
  5. Chew Gum – If you feel heartburn coming on or you have just had a large meal, chewing gum can help. This action reduces the acidity in the esophagus and can help you avoid the nasty feeling of acid reflux.  Of course, this is a good thing to do after a meal to make your breath smell better too.
  6. Limit Carbonated Drinks and Citrus Juices – Both of these types of drinks are high in items that can cause acid reflux. The carbonation can directly cause heartburn and the acidity of citrus juices can cause your stomach acid to be much more active than it should be.

See The Right Acid Reflux Doctors Near Glencove for More

The team at Digestive Medical Care of Long Island are the right Acid Reflux Doctors for you to see near Glencove when you want to know how to avoid heartburn and acid reflux.  Let this team give you the advice and guidance to feel better after meals and avoid the nastiness of this digestive problem.

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