EC councilis one of the leading organizations to provide InfoSec Cyber Security certification programs for job roles like an ethical hacker, computer hacking forensic investigator and many more. Cybersecurity certifications have been in demand for a long time in the IT industry.

With the advancement of technology, the risks associated with it have also been increasing, which increases the need for cybersecurity professionals. So, earning this certification will surely boost your chances of getting a better job in the IT industry.


If you’re thinking of expanding your skills and knowledge in the domain of cybersecurity, you can use these top cyber security courses to move into a new position or a new job profile.

List Of Top Cyber Security Certification Courses

  1. CISSA – Certified Information Systems Security Auditor

In this certification course, you will learn to perform an audit, risk management, risk analysis, and information assets protection. After earning this certification, you will be proficient in the field of IS Auditing. The price of this certification course is $11.9, and the duration of the course is 11 Hours.

  1. Certified WhiteHat Hacker Level 1

This cyber security course syllabus comes with a vast array of topics that consist of cyber-attacks, penetration testing, network web portal assessment, web-related vulnerabilities and ethical hacking. It also gives a detailed knowledge on ethical hacking, which allows you to think like a hacker, which will help you find all the loopholes in the network and develop a solution for the security of the networks. This certification course costs $12.99, and the duration of the course is 8 hours.

  1. CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner

This course gives technical knowledge and skills necessary to design, provide security solutions, and conceptualize the company’s network system. You will have to apply critical thinking and judgement across a wide area to pass this certification. The certification course cost is $12.99, and the length of the course is 8 hours.

  1. Certified Web Application Security Tester

This course involves advanced bypass techniques, ethical hacking of the web and web portal application. This course also gives you information on web application coding security, ethical hacking of the applications, and much more. This course takes a total of 4 hours to complete and will cost you $10.99.

  1. Certified Secure Coder – PHP

This certificate is mainly designed for the most advanced cybersecurity professionals and will teach you to hack and write secure PHP code. So, in this course, you will learn to exploit and secure a system using the same language. The duration of this course is 4 hours and costs $11.99.

  1. CISRM – Certified Information Systems Risk Manager

In this course, the risk and IT managers will get to know about identifying and evaluating the entity-specific risks. You will learn to assess risks that are intertwined with business objectives. The length of the course is 5.5 hours, and the price is $10.99

  1. CCNA Security 210-260 – IINS v 3.0

This course helps you prepare for the covered topics by the 210-260 INS exam. The concepts are basic authentication, network security concepts, authorization, secure routing and switching infrastructure and firewalling the services. This course takes 3 hours to complete and will cost you $19.99.

  1. CISSO – Certified Information Systems Security Officer

The cyber security course eligibility is – intermediate professionals who have experience of at least one year in information security management. After earning this course, you will learn to establish adequate industry cybersecurity and information security management and the best practices possible. In this course, you will learn everything required to pass the CISSO certification examination. This course will take a total of 20.5 hours for you to complete it and is priced at $13.99.

  1. CPEH – Certified Professional Ethical Hacker

This cyber security course is based on 5 elements of the penetration test and is designed to combat malicious hackers. The duration of the course is 7 hours and will cost you $12.99.


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