Gmail is used by a large number of people across the world, people use Gmail to send documents and other things with each other. But there have cases where it is noticed that the Gmail is unable to attach files. We are here with some ways to fix the attachment issues of Gmail. 

Ways to Fix the Attachment Issues of Gmail –


  • Browser update is required 


The old version of your browser can be responsible for your Gmail attachment not working. So, if your browser is not updated then update it to the latest version and then try to login into Gmail and then attach files. 


  • Use of Another Browser for the Purpose


If your current browser is not working properly then you should try some other browser to login into your Gmail account and then try to attach files to your mail which you want to send, maybe this trick can solve your issue and you can successfully attach the files you want in the mail. 


  • Windows Defender Firewall to be Turned off


If there is problem attaching files in Gmail then the users should tune off the Firewall temporarily till the issue is resolved by the Gmail itself.