Hailing from Mumbai , the young entrepreneur Jatin Chonkar has proved himself as a true example of a successful entrepreneur . Jatin Chonkar is a , Business Author, entrepreneur and founder of The Indian Ladder & Ancient Media . He started working at a very young age and generated Lakhs with his expertise in digital industry. From small business to 9-figure clients, Sargis has shown tremendous growth with his work over the past few years.

Jatin Chonkar is a rare gem in the modern day generation who acts beyond profit margins and revenues. This has everytime helped him to gain excellence in his career in digital media & his venture. He took the plunge in social media when he was barely 15 and slowly and steadily honed all the skill sets which made him a well Recognised Entrepreneur . Today Jatin has mentored various brands to help them achieve their goals, especially in the dynamic digital arena.

Doing Research and working hard is important to Generate Results in your life . Once you get the deep & very Specialized knowledge of any platform, clear the concepts of its working procedures, nothing is impossible for you, and success will surely be yours, narrates Jatin Chonkar. Online entrepreneurship is much more complicated than anticipated. Many people think that having good amount of social media skills is going to make them rich in market , but this is where they are particularly wrong, it not only requires communicational skills but also marketing skills and proper knowledge of various kinds of markets because not every industry follows a similar kind of pattern for their success. Jatin’s Instagram handle – @jatin.chonkar & Facebook – Jatin Chonkar.