It is important to avoid any damage to the transplant area after the best hair treatment in mumbai. The most serious issue after a hair transplant is head trauma. This issue should be given your full attention. This area can be damaged if pressure is applied. The transplanted area should not be removed without a protective hat. The first 10 days after a hair transplant at the hair transplant clinic in navi mumbai are the most sensitive. The patient is responsible for protecting the grafts against any damage or dislocation. Newly planted hair follicles shouldn’t be subjected to pressure from the outside or inside during this time. The grafts remain in a nearly free position at the new locations where they were placed. They can be affected by external factors as they wait for the cell’s deformation to occur. Protecting newly planted grafts against severe pressure is crucial during this delicate period.

Can you run a hair transplant?

Yes. You should be very careful with the implanted hair for the first two weeks. The transplants won’t be stable. You may need to restrain your activities for the first few weeks to avoid scarring. The transplants should not be touched. A bandage can be applied after two to five days. If you touch your head, or if your hands aren’t clean, it could become infected. This is one of the most serious problems with hair transplants. Scarring can lead to infection and uneven growth.

What should you do if your hair isn’t growing back after a hair transplant?

Hair transplantation can result in graft damage, including a head injury that could cause them to be moved or transplanted. The transplanted hair follicles remain alive after the transplant. They also stay in place when they are reconnected to their original channels. However, if the channels are retained by living cells, they can retain their Vitality. This can be prevented by a blow to the head or a severe concussion. The living root will die in this situation. Hair growth cannot be predicted if it comes from a dead root. Most of the hair transplantations occur within the first 24 hours. Patients are often tired the day after surgery. Local anaesthesia may cause sleep problems and fatigue the day before surgery. The patient can be sent home after the procedure is completed. There is no need for the patient to stay in the best plastic surgery hospital in jaipur. The patient goes home in his car or on public transport. He hits his head as he gets on and off of the vehicle. It is not just vehicles that are subject to head injuries. It is not uncommon for people to get hit in the head while participating in any type of sport or other activity.

If you have suffered a head injury, will it affect your hair transplant?

For up to one week, hair transplant patients will experience rashes and crusts. This is because the body sends more blood there to heal and speed up healing. The hair begins to fall out suddenly. The lengthening process for each graft can vary depending on the hair type. It takes six months for all roots to be removed. Once the cycle has been completed, it is impossible to see the effects of a blow on the head. Once the product has fully recovered, it will be impossible to identify damaged grafts. You can’t tell if you have a head injury or a hair loss if you are not able to see the results of your hair transplant surgery. To see the results, you will need patience for at least five to six months.