Generally, our lives revolve around eating good and delectable food..we earn good money just to end up having food on the, is it really necessary to eat all junk? Isn’t healthy food drool-worthy? Why not? Sure, healthy food requires a bit more effort in cooking up than junk..but the benefits surely make it worth it. So..what are you waiting for? 


The question that arises here is why healthy food? Why should we eat something that is far more difficult and time-consuming to make? Let us know the reason why


1) Healthier life: Eating a balanced, nutritious diet not only makes our life healthy..but also increases our chances of living a long, happy life. Healthy food gives us the nutrition our body requires to function properly..having healthy food makes us less lethargic and more active throughout the day. Be it working out or doing chores or going to the office, school or college..we would surely be attentive and focussed if we keep a healthy diet.


2) Beautiful skin: Having a healthy, fat-free diet would definitely make our skin healthy, shiny, and beautiful. It is a fact that oily foods promote acne on the skin which would obviously be painful and a little troublesome. Healthy skin boosts confidence in people who have it…so having healthy, wholesome food would help us to get clear and fresh skin.


3) Weight control: Having a healthy, balanced diet would surely be helpful to the people who wish to achieve a certain type of build.. consumption of the right food and the right amount of food would enable us to gain/lose weight according to our requirements. Losing weight might seem to be a trouble for some..for that, you can definitely look up weight loss blogs. It might help you in a lot of ways.


4) Money saving: Eating junk food might seem like a cheaper option as compared to healthy food(in the short run) ..but actually, healthy food turns out to be a money healthy food means better health, which means lesser trips to the doctor, lesser binge eating of food(as healthy food fills up your stomach faster) 


5) Strength: Healthy food sustains good strength in our bodies to endure throughout the day…it may be helpful in functioning properly and working out with full zest. The type of food we eat definitely adds up to the day…if we chose to eat junk, it would make us lazy, lethargic, and lost for the day..but choosing good, healthy food would surely put in the energy required for the day.


6) Less stress: eating healthy and exercising regularly releases endorphins in your body..which leads to you being happy and less stressed. Eating the right kind of food and taking out some time for yourself in your routine makes you want to love yourself more.


7) Better sleep: With the consumption of healthy food and doing regular exercises, sleep would definitely become your best friend. Having a healthy, uninterrupted sleep for at least 7-8 hours can do wonders for you and your health..which would be only possible when we have a decent schedule. The basic logic behind having good food to sleep better is that healthy food usually does not cause any stomach troubles or basically maintains energy levels throughout the day..which in turn gives you a stress-free body to sleep peacefully. 


Remember, staying healthy and fit is good for your overall health..inculcating good eating habits is very necessary in order to maintain a healthy relationship with your body, mind, and soul.