We appreciate it okay well you guys i appreciate everything everybody everything everybody’s done today have a wonderful day join us back here at two o’clock where we’re going to be talking about similar conversations but with three other guests and so we’ll see you then and brendan i appreciate you anything that you need don’t hesitate to holler at me and if anybody else has questions or would like help hemp cream reaching brandon or needs needs any um help about as any of the subjects or conversation that we had today don’t hesitate reach out and i will help put you two together so thank you very much sir thanks guys thank you mandy thank you have a wonderful day.

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and with that i will go ahead and begin i am darlene i am the national digital sales director and i also host our podcast with senior livingguide.com a little bit about seniorlivingguide.com is we have four statewide publications we have a publication in florida north carolina south carolina and virginia and then we also unbeknownst to a lot of people we have a hospital publication or hospital directories i should say in 13 states and in 40 markets so that has been growing significantly um in the last couple of years it’s just really kind of taken off uh we also have a national reach website seniorlivingguide.com which provides leads for communities for home health care companies and it’s also a great resource for different types of senior outreach that might need some more lead generation or just some branding um so if those are things that would be of interest to you guys please feel free to reach out i can see if it might be a good fit for you guys um and then also as i mentioned i host our podcast we have a podcast that is a senior.

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Resource and caregiver resource focus podcast we just went into season two um we have almost 4 000 downloads it can be found on spotify amazon apple podcast is probably our most downloaded podcast or app application um or really anywhere so please go check it out it’s an amazing resource for seniors um caregivers it’s just chock full of really great information and it’s not super clinical so it’s something you can sit back and enjoy and get some really really good information and that’s pretty much all i’ve got but i would really like to introduce brian dickerson who i slimming gel s working in the lab today so you guys are super lucky that you get to see the whole lab side of it um so i’m going to let him go ahead and introduce himself tell you a little bit about what we’re going to talk about today and let him go from there thank you darlene so again i’m brian dickerson i’m with star manufacturing and doctors hemp solutions i’m also a lawyer the weird combination came from 25 years of practicing law and representing physicians pharmacies and small pharmaceutical companies and in doing so in 2014 which i’ll talk about a little bit later the farm bill