What is Herbalife?

Herbalife is a global MLM structure that produces and sells dietary supplements. It was founded by Mark Hughes in the year 1980. Herbalife includes dietary supplements, personal care, sports nutrition and weight management products.

As of June2020, herbalife has more than 3 million users and operates in more than 90 countries around the world. As compared to the other MLM, these data make Herbalife an ideal and an effective choice.

It provides a business opportunity where the associates sell the Herbalife products through the model of multi level marketing. Their products help in maintaining a healthier and a fit lifestyle with useful health benefits.

Herbalife Products

Herbalife Nutrition provides different dietary supplements, some of which can be listed below:

  • Formula 2 multivitamin: It is a standard multivitamin which contains other minerals for general nutrition
  • Formula 3 Cell Activator: It is a supplement with essentials to support nutrient absorption and overall metabolism
  • Total Control: It is a supplement containing caffeine, tea and ginger that helps in boosting the energy.
  • Herbal Tea Concentrate: It is a drink with caffeine and tea extracts which provides antioxidant support
  • Cell-U-Loss: It is a supplement containing electrolytes and other essentials which aids in reducing water retention.
  • Aminogen: It is a supplement with protease enzymes, which helps in improving protein digestion
  • Snack Defense: It is a supplement  which supports carbohydrate metabolism

These supplements contain many essential ingredients which help in providing energy, metabolism, and weight loss.;

How to register on Herbalife?

Herbalife Nutrition is an MLM, as a result of which its products are available for purchase only through its independent distributors. It includes different steps:

Step 1: You can connect with the distributor by going to the official Herbalife website. You generally pay around $60 to join and then start as a Distributor in Herbalife. At this initial level, you get 25% discounts on the products you purchase.

Step 2: The International Business pack (IBP) containing the distributor’s application and the agreement must be completed and submitted. After which you will receive your Herbalife Identification number to purchase the products. The easiest and the best way to complete the registration is online through the Myherbalife Website.

Step 3: Further through your Herbalife login you can get logged in to your account and get access to the various online features in the website. Individuals in the UK, you can access the Herbalife UK website for further details. In case of password recovery, you can click the Forgot my password option, through which you can generate a new password and use it for further transactions.

Herbalife Business Plan

In Herbalife, the easiest way to earn is by selling products directly. Distributors also can increase their income by recruiting others and by building a team. Thus you can earn in two ways in Herbalife mainly through product sales and building a team.

Herbalife gives an initial discount of 25%. As your sales increases it can increase upto 50%. It is recommended selling at their retail price, including the taxes and shipping charges. Thus you  earn the desired profit by selling at the retail price.

You can earn significantly in Herbalife by building a team. You recruit more people and encourage you to join the company which will earn you commission for your downline. There are also certain training sessions organized by the company to train the associates in view of their business.

Is it Legit or Scam?

Herbalife is a legitimate company that provides weight loss shakes, vitamins, and other related health products. It has now been around for nearly 40 years. Herbalife has a network of approximately 4.5 million independent distributors and members. It operates its business in 94 countries.

As per the Herbalife reviews, they are a legit organization that sells dietary supplements who actually want to use them. According to a recent survey, it was found that about 90% of the people who take their products are not distributors. In Fact, they are the individuals who actually want to use their products.

Last year, Herbalife’s total net sales were $4.8billion and its market capitalization was $6 Billion. It also employs an estimated more than 9000 people worldwide. its distributors make considerable passive incomes which accounts that Herbalife is a legitimate business.


  • Earn money by recruiting people in your downline.
  • One-year refund policy for new distributors
  • Blocks fat production
  • Earn commission on the sales of the products
  • 7 types of profits can be earned
  • Proper support and training to do the business.
  • Fast results.
  • Highly athletic sponsorships


  • Not all distributors make enough money
  • High level of Competition among distributors.
  • You need to recruit more in the downline to earn money
  • Low return on investment reported.
  • Products contain caffeine
  •  Some bad reviews and complaints prevailing
  • Highly Overpriced products
  • Lack of maintenance plan



The Herbalife diet includes low calorie shakes and metabolism-boosting supplements which helps to improve your energy levels and fit lifestyle. It is convenient , easy to follow and helps in weight loss. The products are of top quality and can be trusted.

At the same time, you can build your business in Herbalife as a distributor. Develop a proper marketing plan. This will help succeed your business to grow and earn higher profits.

You can start your Herbalife business by working part time and by selling them to people you know. You can earn money by selling the Herbalife products which you buy at a discounted price with the retail price thus making profit.

As per the researchers, the dietary supplements of Herbalife are found to be safe. These products will lead to a changed lifestyle and a fit and healthy body.