For thousands of years, touch and massage have been used for universal communication. We often touch our bodies whenever we hurt ourselves, and we often use a healing touch when we love those who hurt both physically and emotionally. To massage a couple or life partners, the use of non-sexual contact can help you relax and relieve stress.

Here are some simple techniques that can help you apply. Swedish massage techniques are the most common type of technique taught in this country. There are five basic types of beats that must be choreographed together to move the whole body in one session. Stroke has created a form of physical therapy, therefore, to improve blood circulation, lift a variety of movements and reduce scar tissue


There are five traditional Swedish massage touches


A.) Effleurage – one of the most commonly used massage techniques. Applying a sequence of light or deep stroking or sliding movements, the masseuse or masseur swims along the contours of the body. A flat surface, such as the hand or forearm, is used by the therapist. He or she moves with little friction over large areas of skin, exerting moderate pressure. Massage in Bur Dubai

If done lightly, it provides pleasant stimulation to the skin. Used at higher pressures, it can have a positive effect on circulation. The overall result is a relaxing and soothing massage.

B.) Petri sage is a massage technique that involves kneading, rubbing, or unwinding the abdominal muscles to stimulate blood circulation and relax and release toxins. The most common muscle toxin is lactic acid, which is a natural byproduct of our cellular respiration processes, especially when overusing muscles when our natural detox systems fail.

C.) Compression is one of the many methods by which massage can be performed. Compression is usually done in a rhythmic order. This helps to soften the tissues and prepare the muscles for deeper work. Masseurs often apply compression when performing a chair / seated massage, but compression can also be applied when the client is lying down. Compression is a good way to work with a fully clothed person.


D.) Friction is a special movement used by a masseur during a massage. This movement travels to the body’s veins and is designed to warm tissue and promote blood flow to the heart. This is a great movement – using swollen tissue to help the fluid be absorbed into the body. It is also good for everyone’s circulation.


E.) Vibration is a massage technique that uses “up and down” motions to press and loosen tissues. This often takes the form of a small shaking motion applied to the palms or just the fingertips of one or both hands.

It is not one of the most common massage movements, but it is used in the right cases. Its effects may include calming irritated nerves, loosening scar tissue, relaxing forearm muscles, and stimulating blood flow and glandular activity. (The specific benefits of vibrations depend on where they are applied to the body.)


There are basic methods of exercise and massage that have been popular for over ten years, such as shiatsu, myofascial, neuromuscular, sport, Thai, also known as Thai yoga, acupressure, and, most importantly, trigger point therapy. These massages are different application techniques that affect the nervous system in different ways. The body will counteract the effects of stress, which will cause relaxation. Spa in Bur Dubai


If the opposite of the sympathetic nervous system, called the sympathetic nervous system, is triggered, the body relaxes, suppresses stress hormones, and eliminates endorphins. There are cases when the digestive reflex is triggered which makes the stomach growl, as a rule, your body drools. This is one of the funniest effects of massaging or kneading. It is a relaxed, digestive reaction that indicates that your body has come out of the hypersensitivity situation. And on the road to relaxation and recovery.