When you go for buying a new smartphone, laptop, tablet or any other other gadget you show a special interest in knowing the battery back up of that device. In fact, if anything will bother the buyer after the price of the device is the power holding capacity of that device. It is actually important owing to the fact that whether you will have to more often plug in your gadget to get it charged or whether it is capable of giving you a good power backup, this whole thing actually decides the performance of the device. In spite of being such an important thing many users will suffer from a degrading power holding capacity of the device. If you are also the one who is facing this problem or have faced this problem in the past then we are sorry but there was nothing wrong with gadget, probably you were doing something that reduced the batter holding capability of your gadget which led you to Apple Battery Replacement, let us first understand what could be the possib;e reasons that you had to ultimately go for a battery change.
  • Exposing your device to extreme temperature: This can be a genuine reason and not an induced one, but the point is that it does fall in one of the major reasons that can be attributed to decreased power holding capacity of your device. When it comes to the products from Apple the users do not have a choice of removing the battery and having a look at it, so have no choice but to continue with what you get. This does not mean that there are no other ways of knowing the health of the battery. We will come to that later but as for now you must make sure that your smartphone or any other gadget remains within the temperature range that should not go beyond 22 degree celsius and not below 16 degree. Plus you must also keep a constant check on the surface of the gadget when it is in charging, it must remain cool, it starts to heat up then that will damage the battery.
  • Updates are equally important: With Apple the most important thing that would make sure that the overall health of the device is maintained is the updates. This is true for battery health as well. Sometimes the updates are such that will make the apps power efficient and the absence of which will lead the phone to heat up which will affect the battery in a bad way.
  • Say Goodbye to Inactive Applications: Sometime unintentionally there are some apps running in the background that you are not using, you must make sure that those applications are shut down lest they will eat away your battery.
Signs That your battery needs Replacement
  • The Gadget is Old: If you have been using your device for quite some time, then it is quite obvious that the capacity of the battery must have decreased with the passage of the time. Generally the battery is designed in such a way that it will go on for 300 to 500 charging cycles, but if you device has been in use for about a year or two then there are high chances that the battery might have worn out and now it needs replacement.
  • Battery Dying frequently: If you are experiencing that the battery is running out too quickly then probably there is a decrease in the power holding capacity which means that now the battery needs to be replaced.
  • Taking too much time to get charged: Devices are designed in such a way that they require 4-5 hours to get charged completely but if your device is taking more than this time and still not getting charged completely then probably it is the time for Apple Battery Replacement.
Getting the Replacement Done Now, When you are clear that your Apple device needs a battery replacement then you must know where and how to get it done. If the device is under warranty then you should not worry as the replacement will be done free of cost as it is covered in the warranty itself. But if the device is not in the warranty period then you will have to pay the cost incurred by this replacement. But still if you have the Apple Care+ then also you are not supposed to pay any hefty cost for the replacement. The replacement process is quite an easy one and may be completed in just one visit. Only in rare cases, the device is sent to the Apple’s Repair Center. Apple Battery Replacement is no big thing, only if it is done by the right people. But we shall recommend you to follow the above steps so that you don’t need a replacement in the first place, obviously, if there is a genuine situation then you can’t help it.