For the last two decades, a rapid surge in the BPO industry has been observed. A lot of companies whether it’s a start-up or a huge organization, all are embracing the process of outsourcing. Thus naturally any BPO Company became one of the most leading and dynamic sectors. Business Process Outsourcing refers to the process of hiring a third party company to execute some of the non-core processes of your organization.

A BPO Company helps in several ways to help to grow your organization. A start-up company generally hires BPO service due to lack of resources or space but for a mid or big level organization the motive behind outsourcing could be different.

Let see in what ways a BPO company help you to grow your business

A BPO company is run by both voice process and non-voice process. Both are equally important for the smooth running of a business.

In a voice process, the agent needs to speak up to the customer directly while the non-voice process is a kind of back-office job where an agent needs to communicate using chats, messages and email.

The Voice process is again classified into outbound call centers and inbound call centers.

Outbound call center: It is more related to lead generation and sales of the product and services. An outbound call center operates several processes like quality lead generation, market research and survey, telecalling, telesales. Agents need to be more outspoken, need to be excellent in communication and should have great convincing power. It is a lot more dynamic and competitive role.

Inbound call center: Whereas in inbound call centers agents are on the receiving ends. They are more likely to address customer queries via receiving phone calls, chats and email. Here the employees need to be polite, good in technology with excellent problem-solving skills and communication skills.

Apart from these a call center also performs functions like :

Phone Answering Services: The interesting thing about phone answering services is that they maintain the financial stability of the company by serving the existing customers, as well as, strangers to potential leads. Customer care support, help desk services, order receiving & cancellation, appointment, registration, and many other such voice process services are provided by most Phone Answering Services.

They have the skill set of interacting with strangers and try to deal with their problems. Businesses require one or a combination of these services to see overall growth. However, their resources may not suffice to maintain such workload on their own, and, hence, BPO outsourcing became a substitute.

Tech support: This also falls under major customer services. Technology may have become advanced but in some cases, there’s still some uncertainty on its durability and longevity. This is why, companies offer tech support as an additional service that resolves the technical issues faced by a customer after purchasing their product. Tech support can be provided through both, Voice and Non-Voice Process systems. This gives it more credibility and opportunity or building a loyal customer base.

Chat automation: In the era of social media, chat services are everywhere. Chat operations can be integrated into both inbound and outbound processes. These services have opened up a new avenue for businesses as well as their clients. Both parties can communicate with each other at their convenience. It is strictly a Non-Voice Process Service. About a couple of years ago, these chats were conducted by actual employees of a call center service and a few chatbots were implemented.

However, the recent hype of AI technology has intrigued many to take it upon. A BPO Company today has some sort of chat automation services to offer. Businesses only have to look in the right direction.