When attempting to access their accounts, users can encounter problems. Accessing accounts can be problematic for a variety of reasons, like forgetting your account’s or username’s password. You can restore your account password and regain access to your account in just a few easy steps. You can find detailed instructions on how to resolve the “Invalid ID or Password” by contacting the Yahoo customer service number. 

“Incorrect password,” is a general issue for mail account users.

 Because of the huge account theft, Yahoo has become a suspect email service provider. It was very difficult to keep your email account secure from unauthorized entry. While this is discretionary, users who rely solely on a traditional password for account protection are more vulnerable to hacking. This may even apply to the Yahoo account.

Invalid id or password 

If you get an “Invalid ID or Credential” message in your account, it means that the password and  ID combination you are using or have entered does not match. If you are certain that you are entering the right sign-in detail, then consider the following:

  • Often search the “Caps Lock” or “Num Lock” keys while using or entering a password – If your password includes numbers or upper-case letters, you can keep an eye on this button to make sure that these two keys on your keyboard are not mistakenly pressing.
  • If you have your browser’s auto-fill settings adjusted, it normally remembers your password, but if you only changed the settings and are using this browser’s auto-fill methods, it will also cause this problem. To fix this problem, insert your new password manually to bypass your browser settings.
  • When you are certain that you are typing the correct details, immediately change your password using the Sign-in Helper so this may be one of the signs that someone has hacked your Yahoo account and misused your password.
  • “Account Locked” message

When you attempt to reach your Yahoo account, you get this post. Even after entering the right user name and password, the explanation is very plain. Someone is attempting to gain unauthorized access to your Yahoo account. Yahoo used to lock those accounts after several failed login attempts. If you ever encounter this, just wait 12 hours and your account will be restored. 

How to Contact Reset Yahoo Mail Password Number

Aside from chat and email help, you can also contact Yahoo customer service via live agents on the phone. To use the calling service, though, you must have a Yahoo Account Pro subscription. If you have a Yahoo Account Pro, you can get help from a live agent by phone by following these steps:

  • Navigate to the Yahoo Help page in your browser.
  • Click the Speak with a Live agent button next to the Sign-in Helper on the Yahoo Help tab.
  • By selecting “Speak with a Live Agent,” you will be able to speak with a live support agent over the internet.

If you suspect that someone else is exploiting your Yahoo account, you must act quickly. Since there has been any unusual behavior on your Yahoo account, you can update your password because your new password would no longer function. If you are not able to resolve it by own then you can contact Yahoo Mail Customer Support Number 24/7 USA.