For a small business, its employees are a very important resource. If you keep your employees happy, productivity is likely to increase. If productivity increases, it helps the business grow in the long run.

Productivity and happy employees

If you make small changes in your business functioning, it will help you to improve your business productivity. You have to be careful of every aspect of your business in order to make your business grow.

It will also improve the quality of your products and services. Also, it will help you reduce the extra time spent on unnecessary activities. In Ireland, many start-up businesses in the initial stages borrow online cash loans that are approved in 1 hour.

These businesses are employee friendly as they start their business with an aim to keep their employees happy.

Ways to increase your business productivity

1. Maintain your efficiency

Analyze your business functioning and be open at the same time to make any potential changes in your business. If these changes are will make your business more efficient, you should implement them in your daily functioning.

It is essential to make long-term goals for your business, but making short-term goals are equally important. Also, it is essential to prioritize your tasks and make your business work according to your priorities.

Focus on the planning for your staff. You can create a plan for your staff and give them the plan so that they can work accordingly. Giving your staff members a plan will help them complete their jobs on time and be efficient.

2. Delegation

Delegation involves risk, but it is important for increasing efficiency. It boosts the morale of your employees and provides them with job satisfaction. You can delegate in an innovative way and make the employees feel more efficient and productive.  This will boost their morale and confidence.

Analyze the track record of your employees and give them the tasks related to their track record. This will make them feel trusted and also give them the confidence to complete their tasks effectively.

Giving different responsibilities to your employees will help them to enhance their leadership skills and at the same time give them a sense of achievement.

3. Reducing Distractions

Social media serves as a good marketing tool for many businesses, but it also serves as the biggest distraction while working for anybody. You can start with the no-phone policy in your workplace, as social media can be a huge distraction for your employees.

It may not be practical to have a no-phone policy, but you can allow them a breathing room that will give them a break and will also help them rejuvenate themselves.

You cannot totally discourage the use of mobile phones, but you can encourage your employees to reduce their mobile usage to keep them less distracted.

4. Better working conditions

If your workplace does not have favorable working conditions for your employees, it can be difficult for them to work effectively. In Ireland, ideally, the temperature between 68 and 70 degrees is right for your employees.

In unfavorable conditions, your employees will be more focused on making them comfortable and focusing on the working atmosphere. Your responsibility is to ensure that the conditions are ideal for working and that both air-conditioning and heating are taken care of as per the season.

To manage your office well, you can borrow quick personal loans in Ireland and renovate your office for good. Once your office is employee-friendly, it will get results in less time.

5. Be realistic in goal-setting

Many business management and managers set unrealistic goals for their employees. They feel that by following the unrealistic approach, employees will perform well and be efficient in the long run. They are unaware of the problems faced by the employees.

Set realistic goals for your employees and make them work towards that direction. This will increase productivity and keep them focused on their goals.

6. Ensure Employees Are Happy

If your workplace is stressful, it will make your employees more stressed. It is essential to keep your employees happy and stress-free. For this, your business needs to work in a harmonious relationship.

According to research, most stressful environments decrease the productivity of the employees. High stress will also promote absenteeism and disengagement among the employees. Your employees should be happy in order to be productive and efficient.

If you want your staff to be happy and efficient, you have to offer them benefits and work on their capabilities.

7. Streamline your workflows

You should know how to guide your employees to work effectively and also work on streamlining their work. This should be done with minimum spending and minimum resources.

To streamline the processes, you should be aware of all the unnecessary expenses. If you buy more resources, it will increase your cost that can affect your productivity. Small tasks can be combined together as it will improve the efficiency of the business.

8. Give liberty to your employees for remote working

Most businesses are moving towards the trend of remote working and encouraging their employees to work with flexibility.

It has been observed that employees having the liberty of remote working are more efficient and productive than employees working from the office. These days, technology has helped employees stay connected regardless of their geographical location and time zone.

This has improved the ability of the employees to work from home and still be efficient. If employees are working from home, they can still attend meetings and strike a balance between their work and personal life.


Many ways help the employees and push them towards increased productivity. Business management has to be considerate of their employees and give them leverage to work in a free environment.

Restricting your employees too much can decrease their productivity and also discourage them from giving their 100%. If your employees are happy, it will reflect in their work, and it will lead to mutual benefit for the business and the employees both.