As a leading supplier to the paper converting industry, We can help converters make the best possible choices for their particular manufacturing process. Often converters will combine different substrates to get the benefits that each component provides separately, such as using pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive to laminate barrier poly films to paper substrates.

In multi-walled paper bag construction for example, the strength, durability and versatility of paper bags is enhanced by including a poly film which will provide a barrier to air, moisture or grease that might impact the package and/or its contents. The poly film (usually polyethylene or polyester-based) tends to not only resist these items, but it can resist being adhered to as well! The reason poly films are often difficult to bond to is because their surface energy, or Dyne level, can be quite low. Low Dyne levels (below 36) will not get wet out consistently by liquid adhesives, so there is no anchoring to the surface and the adhesive releases under light stress. Dyne levels of poly films can be increased through methods such as plasma, corona and flame treatment. The fresher the treatment the better the bond.  It is important to remember that the treated surface of the treated film is the one that will adhere to the paper substrate!

Cold weather will impact on the quality of the adhesive bond. Using poly and paper components that have been warehoused in unheated or outdoor conditions will reduce the performance of acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. The flow and anchoring of the adhesives on the two substrates is reduced, and drying & curing of the adhesive is slowed down. Proper surface treatment and substrate conditioning will ensure reliable and consistent results throughout the cold and transition seasons.

When in doubt, contact a pressure sensitive adhesive manufacturer. We are a Canadian company that stands behind their products with unrivalled customer support.

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