Yahoo Mail is one of the widely used email platforms, known for its excellent features and user-friendliness. Apart from fulfilling basic email requirements, it allows us to manage contacts, calendars and schedule virtual meetings. However, there are times when users have to face certain yahoo mail problems, among which Yahoo mail not receiving emails from Facebook is the most common one. There could be several reasons for these problems; you can troubleshoot the issue by following some easy steps and ensure continued services from Yahoo. Read on to know why these problems arise and how to fix them.

How To Resolve Yahoo Not Receiving Mails From Facebook?

To resolve yahoo not receiving emails from facebook , follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Check your internet connection as a poor internet connection could be one of the reasons for such a problem. So make sure that you are connected to a sound source of internet connection.
  • If you have restricted your Facebook mails on your Yahoo account, you won’t receive any emails in your Yahoo account. So make to turn the restriction feature off.
  • You should also check your Spam folder in your Yahoo mail account and see if the emails you are looking for are lying there. The automatic bulk feature often causes such issues, so check the spam folder to fix Yahoo Mail not receiving emails from Facebook issue.
  • Check your blocked address list on Facebook as there are chances you are not receiving mails because of blocking the sender, so make sure to unblock the sender from which you are expecting a mail.

By following the solutions mentioned above, you can quickly fix the Yahoo email not receiving emails from the Facebook issue.

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