Air travel is one of the best forms of commute in the world right now; it is comfortable and saves you a lot of time and energy. This comfort can soon convert to irritation when the lengthy procedure, high expenses, and time management issues make it a bit exhausting. Fortunately, the ‘KLM manage booking’ option allows its passengers much more.

The Dutch airline, headquartered in the Netherlands, is known for its custom-centric approach and has introduced many features on its online portal that give its customers full access to manage their bookings. Customers can use these features to book flights, cancel flights, request refunds, or even get online check-ins at just the tip of their fingers.

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This article is a comprehensive collaboration of all you need to know before you reschedule your flight.

KLM’s Change Policy

KLM allows its user to change travel dates and times and even destinations with any kind of changeable ticket. This option is also available if you have a flexibility card or membership. The conditions to change a flight depends entirely on the type of access you have purchased.

To check if your booking is eligible for a reschedule, enter your details on ‘My trip’ and get the required information.

How to Change my flight schedule?

Follow the steps given below to understand and navigate yourself through the rescheduling process the next time you do it:

  1. Login to your ‘My trip’ account using your credentials.
  2. Select the flight you want to change. Click the change flight booking option.
  3. Enter the alternative dates and any other changes for your next trip.
  4. The website will specify clearly, the changes made in the price of your previous and current booking.
  5. Suppose you have invested in extra options in your previous KLM Booking . You can just get those facilities transferred in this ticket as well.
  6. Confirm all the changes you have made. All the flight’s total cost changes will be chargeable via any of your chosen payment methods.
  7. If any added cartoons are still transferable to you, they will get reimbursed.
  8. Finally, you will get a confirmation mail, solidifying that your request and changes have been set.

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