Vested Stock Income (VSI) has become very common in today’s business. When you earn money by working in a private or public sector this way, you will probably be eligible for a mortgage. Here is how to get a mortgage through Vested Stock Income.

What is Vested Stock Income?

This income is related to the shares of companies that are allocated to employees by the employer. However, you will not be able to sell them until you are allowed to sell them. This event will usually take place after you have worked for the company at a specific time. VSI enables you to access a portion of your stock. However, depending on your performance, your employer may assign you more VSIs.

Mortgages Using Vested Stock Income; Qualifying Approach

If you contact us with the right lender, your application through VSI may not be accepted. Many lenders do not allow you to use your VSIs to get your mortgages. Of course, this is not the case for lenders who are not familiar with the payroll packages in many financial and technical industries.

AWS Mortgages advisors work with lenders who know well how to use VSIs to get large mortgages in London. They help you get the most out of VSI application and underwriting, along with finding the best lender.

The success of a mortgage application depends on the applicant’s current circumstances. Finding a lender has its complexities and presents different financial scenarios for applicants. You can take advantage of lenders by consulting with our advisors on getting large mortgages through VSI.

Requirements for Mortgages Using Vested Stock Income

There are many requirements that applicants must meet to get large mortgages through VSI. In this process, you will be asked to prepare the following documents:

  • VSI schedule: Current VSI Balance Sheet
  • Evidence that shows your VSI earnings through valid invoices announced by the financial institution.
  • Remember that the VSIs amounts must be approved and must be vested and not granted.
  • It usually takes at least two years to use vested stock, and the applicant must submit the vested schedule two years after the application. If you have worked with an employer for less than two years, some lenders will likely ask you for invoices based on previous companies’ VSIs.

With years of experience working with large mortgages and working with high street lenders in London, AWS Mortgage advisors can assist you in the entire VSI mortgage process. Of course, credit scores, debt-to-income ratio, and other standard requirements related to mortgages will also be considered in this process.

Would you like to know more about the VSI mortgage process? Can VSI be considered as a mortgage income in principle? What are the essential requirements for obtaining large mortgages through VSI? Talk to AWS Mortgage advisors to find the right mortgage to meet your needs.