It becomes very frustrating when you realize that your car keys aren’t working. The problem with a car key malfunction is that you never know when it will stop functioning again. There are several reasons why a car key would fail, while some of them may be due to obvious reasons while the others may not be. To avoid all these complications, either you need to be ready with an extra key, or you should go for a key replacement with your locksmith Columbus.

How do you know if your keys need to be reprogrammed?

1. Damaged lock and keys- The most significant reason for your car key’s malfunction maybe because it is damaged. A damaged key doesn’t always need to be broken into pieces. A key can get damaged without any visual evidence as it only takes a slight change in its grooves and these grooves correspond with your car’s internal mechanism to work. Over time, these grooves get altered, and as a result, it fails to work. Sometimes, your locks may also be damaged instead of the keys, but if you have a modern car that operates keyless remote entry or a fob key, you are less likely to face such lock problems.

2. Damaged key fob- With a modern car, you may experience damaged key fobs just because the batteries get worn out, which is a common issue. But sometimes, batteries aren’t the only reason for a faulty key fob. Key fobs are different with unique traits and uses. They work depending upon the communications between the receiver and the transmitter. If one of them is damaged, then the key fob will result in malfunctioning. It is advisable to get your keys checked by the locksmith Columbus if such issues arise.

3. Faulty ignition cylinder- The car is associated with its ignition and external door locks. If the key fails while inserting it into the ignition, the problem may lie in its mechanical components. Make sure to get your ignition cylinder checked by locksmith Columbus before going for key reprogramming or replacement.

4. Your keys might not have been programmed- For added security, the car keys are programmed with the help of transmitters. Modern cars have key fobs and need to be programmed to interact with the car. If you observe any malfunctioning in your key fob, then it is because your keys are not programmed. This problem is seen mostly with copied or aftermarket car keys, and most of the things that we can do with such unprogrammed key fobs are to open trunks and car doors.

Our car keys play an integral part in our daily routines, and if any problem or malfunction arises, we can’t afford to overlook the issue. Whenever any issue arises, it is advisable to go for a car key replacement, and in the case of key fobs, you should go for a key reprogramming. Regardless of the issue, you should preferably consider professional locksmith Dublin services to carry out your repairs and reprogramming.