Co-living in Singapore is a residential trend that is becoming more popular among young processionals, college students, and travelers. Its concept is simple: you are going to live in a house or an apartment with other people. But you have your own bedroom– and a lot of times– your own bathroom too. However, you are going to share the rest of the residential facility’s amenities with other occupants.

But more than having access to what you need, its surroundings are “Insta-worthy” making your stay more exciting, laidback, and everything in between. On top of these, co-living gives you the opportunity to partake in a community of individuals with compelling backgrounds, lofty life goals, diverse worldviews, and so on. 

How does it work and how did it become a fad nowadays? Continue reading for details.


Making a reservation is easy and hassle-free because many co-living in Singapore facilities utilise cutting-edge technology in this aspect. In some companies, all you have to do is visit their website, follow the instructions, send your payment (using credit or debit card), then receive your card number and access code via chat and/or email. 

Outstanding payment

What if you’re a returning client and you have an outstanding payment? Don’t fuss. That’s because during the reservation stage, you are going to be prompted for the said payment. Afterward, you can pay with the use of a credit and debit card. 

Checking out

When checking out, all you have to do is chat or send an email to let you know that you are checking out. Make sure to do this as soon as you’ve made your decision so as to ensure that you are not going to accumulate additional charges. Some companies offer promos upon checking out like making a review after your stay. By doing so, you may enjoy benefits such as a discounted charge, freebies, etc. 

House rules

While staying in a co-living facility, there are a couple of house rules that you should consider. The long list includes keeping noise at a minimal level, refraining from playing loud music starting a certain time, not bringing pets, not consuming alcoholic beverages or food with pungent odour, and so on. It is best to coordinate with the personnel of the facility where you are staying or check their website to achieve a hassle-free stay. 

Going around Singapore

If you’re an expat or an exchange student and it’s your first time in Singapore, then going around the state-nation can be simplified with e-concierge services that some co-living companies offer. Some offer services such as buying attraction tickets without leaving the comforts of your co-living facility. To take the level of convenience a notch higher, inquire about the available tickets before your arrival. 

Summing up

Co-living in Singapore is an emerging arrangement that is here to stay. Which is not surprising given the endless practical benefits that it brings. It is safe to say that availing it is a no-brainer if you want a hassle-free and laidback experience without compromising aesthetics, budget, and the like.