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Suppose you are the victim of a traffic accident non-responsible with your truck, and the person responsible is identified and insured. In that case, it is the insurance of the person responsible for the accident that compensates. Its insurance first sends you a declaration to be completed and returned to them with supporting documents such as the initial hospital certificate.

Victim of an accident with a truck, the truck driver’s insurance opens the compensation file. In all cases, your personal insurance can intervene in the administrative management of the file. You can get assistance from your legal aid or legal protection. Suppose it is a work-related accident in a truck. In that case, it is the professional insurance of the truck of your employer or your personal, professional insurance if you are independent, which manages the file. The insurances of road professionals such as truck drivers or delivery personnel have specific units for recording accident reports.

What Is Legal Protection?

Legal protection allows you to cover your legal costs, such as legal fees or expert doctor costs, unlike legal assistance, which offers you advice. Your insurance has the possibility of providing you a lawyer, but it cannot impose it on you. Professionals provide you independent lawyers without collusion with insurance companies to honestly defend your interests.

How to Be Properly Compensated Following a Truck Accident?

Victims of bodily injury are too often poorly compensated by insurance. The Prejudice Compensation team allows you to obtain the best possible compensation thanks to a network of experienced specialist lawyers who intervene throughout Huston.

Is A Lawyer Necessary In My Case?

Not necessarily. It is not always necessary to hire the services of a Houston Trucking Accident Lawyer. Professionals study your file and indicate to you the best thing to do. Some simple cases do not require the support of a lawyer, but road accident victims can benefit from the free advice of a team accustomed to all types of personal injury cases.

Is The Presence Of An Expert Doctor Essential During The Expertise?

Portrait an unknown male doctor holding a stethoscope behind

The answer is yes. The Lawyer and the expert are complementary. The specialist lawyer needs the expertise of a doctor best to assess your sequelae and your needs for expertise. The doctor is chosen based on his skills but also his neutrality towards insurance companies.

Why Hire A Lawyer Specializing In Accident Injury?

Abogado De Accidentes specializing in bodily injury have specific training which allows them to face expertise and calculate all the damage items such as the arrangement of their living space, compensation for loss of contribution at retirement, etc. As for doctors, each his specialty, you won’t go to a cardiologist if you have eye problems.