Keyword research is the most fundamental SEO task that needs to be performed when you are planning to carry out SEO or other marketing techniques. In fact, it is the foremost thing that SEO professionals perform especially for a new website or for any site for which they wish to improve or expand search rankings.
So, one must learn how to perform keyword research and analysis which could be a valuable skill that you can build as an aspiring SEO. You can also take the help of a reputable SEO Company India company that can perform this task on your behalf.
What Is Keyword Research?
Keyword research is a process of determining the list of keywords that matter most for the goals of a given website. In other words, it is a task of finding a list of search terms you want to rank for, and also the ones you should rank for. If you carry out this task properly, keyword research can also help you to come up with the topics on which you could write content for your website.
There are many appropriate ways to approach keyword research, but we generally follow these steps:
1. Analyze current keywords.
2. Formulate your goals.
3. Build your keyword “wish” list.
4. Assess the competitive landscape.
5. Expand your keyword horizons.
6. Prioritize by opportunities vs. investment.
You must hire an eCommerce SEO company that could help you conduct your eCommerce SEO. They will start with the fundamental steps and then move towards advanced SEO tactics. They can help you in the following ways:
Find Keywords for your eCommerce store: If you have started the eCommerce SEO campaign, then keyword research is the foundation to that. It is important because your prospects use these keywords or search terms on search engines to determine relevant information from the internet. These keywords influence your organic SEO, inorganic SEO of paid Ads, website architecture, content marketing, on-page SEO, and all the URLs.
Use Keyword Research Tools To Discover And Validate Your Target Keywords: There are so many ways to find keywords. If you find them manually or choose those your competitors are targeting, then it doesn’t mean that all the keywords these keywords will work on your website as well. You must validate your keywords using Analytics.
Optimize your on-page SEO using the keywords: Now when you have your keywords, it is time to employ them carefully. There are 3 important segments on your eCommerce store pages that have need of special attention:
· Title Tag
· Description Tag
· Content for Category Page and Product Page
Make sure you follow all the above-mentioned SEO tactics for better rankings and excellent ROI.