Social trading is one of the areas which have turned out to be quite popular in recent times. This occurs mostly because there have been issues among novice traders to get a hold of the market. This situation of confusion can be completely erased when the trader arrives in the world of social trading. Just like social media, this will be one of the platforms where you can interact properly with experienced traders in order to gain tips about the forex market. Among the tools which are present in the field of social trading, copy trading is one of the best areas.

Definition Of Copy Trading.

Copy-trading can be easily considered as one of the platforms which can help the traders to understand the trading patterns which have been used by their predecessors. The client can choose a special strategy that has been used by another trader in the past for adequate profit returns. The novice trader can also combine this strategy with other ideas from the traders. This will make sure that the overall cocktail of strategies is working out well for novice traders. If the trader is able to meet the specified parameters of any copy trading page, they will be allowed to conduct trade from that platform. This is one of the best ways to make a passive profit from the market in the case of a novice trader.

FBS As A Copy Trading Platform

When you are completely new in the field, you have to choose the platforms which have great ideas in copy trading. The overall security of the page must be quite good as well. As you go through the review of the FBS Copy Trading System, you will be able to realize that there are many pros and cons associated with a special trading platform.

Pro of FBS platform

Let us all check out the bright sides of the FBS copy trading system at the very beginning.
The application interface which has been made in the case of FBS is quite great. It is very user-friendly and can be used by most novice traders quite easily.
The entire platform is regulated very strictly by CySEC. It is one of the most responsible trading regulatory bodies.
You can always choose an account for trade that has lower spreads. The commissions of the managers are quite low.
The traders are often provided special offers which allow them to conduct risk-free trades.

Cons of FBS platform

In order to know a platform fully, you have to know about the flip side of the coin as well. The information is as follows:
The filter parameters are not wide in the number of choices.
The number of statistics for each of the traders is quite low.
The desktop version for this platform is entirely missing. The online version is not quite good as well.


Copy trading may not always be as profitable as it is portrayed to be. The traders might feel like a single strategy to be helpful but it might not come to use in the future as the situations are not similar. That is why the trader must use the copy trading tools carefully for maximum profits.