The structure of the narrative essay is one of the most important part of the essay. This is the thing that makes it different from the short story. The short story does not follow the definite structure that the narrative essay follows in general. The structure of the paragraphs and the outline of the essay all are to be given importance.

Usually, the structure of the narrative essay rewriter is divided in plots, themes, characters, dialogues and climax or the ending. The plots are the base of the story in which the story is based. The fits step is to develop the plot of the story. The themes are the motifs that occurs in the narrative. These themes are important for the understanding of the readers (Jeong 2017). The next important part of the narrative essay are the characters of the essay. The characters are to be built with definite care so that the readers can related to it and the story is attractive. The narrative story has a specific outline.

The outline of the narrative essay is usually divided in three parts- introduction, body and conclusion. The length of the paragraphs in the narrative should be shorter. This way the narrative will grab the attention of the reader. The long paragraphs decrease the interest of the readers. The dialogues should also be short and relatable to attract the attention and maintain the connection with the readers.


In the introduction section, the writer of the narrative essay talks about the discussion that is going to happen in the main body. Introduction part is important to give the readers an idea about what they are going to read in this narrative essay.


The body is the main part of the narrative essay editor includes the story plots, the themes, points of view that is to be conveyed, the climax, the conflict and all other important aspects of the narrative. The story of the narrative essay is build and executed in the body part. This part is the largest part of the essay. The body has a logical flow with detailed narration of the topic that is to be described.


The essay must be concluded with a strong ending. The conclusion have the summary of the key points found. The readers are reminded about the main points. Usually, there are something that is required for the readers to think about. The conclusion makes sure that the stroy has the ending that is required and the purpose is served.

A trending Narrative Essay Explain

Example of Narrative essay:

Example 1:

“Annie, over six feet tall, big-boned, decided that she would not go to work as a domestic and leave her “precious babes” to anyone else’s care. There was no possibility of being hired at the town’s cotton gin or lumber mill, but maybe there was a way to make the two factories work for her. In her words, “I looked up the road I was going and back the way I come, and since I wasn’t satisfied, I decided to step off the road and cut me a new path.” She told herself that she wasn’t a fancy cook but that she could “mix groceries well enough to scare hungry away and keep from starving a man.”

This is an example of narrative essay writing service by Maya Angelou. This piece of narrative work has the elements of the narrative writing. The piece of literature also includes the dialogues that gives it a narrative characteristic. In this narrative essay, the writer writes about the looks of a girl. There is description of how a girl should behave.

The characteristics of the narrative essay typer is the way of expression. The writer has presented the narrative in a chronological way. This is one of the important characteristics of the narrative essay. The writer has provided information of the topic they are trying to convey. The readers are stated about the themes of the narrative. If one goes through the narrative in its full form, the readers will get to know about the characters, and the theme of the writing. The type of writing is quite attractive and impressive. The narrative essay written by Maya Angelou emphasizes the story to the readers and narrates her point of view.