A lot of learning takes place in kindergarten like how to recognize , how to spell or how to read. Learning to read is a slow process. Some students learn to read easily whereas some students struggle in learning how to read.

It is necessary to build strong reading base for children as reading helps for lifetime. In order to survive one must know how to read. Due to corona pandemic many students of kindergarten are facing problem in struggling because of complete shut down , students are unable to attend the classes offline which results in  building weak foundation for reading. Parents can help their children this. In this blog all the tips will be discussed how parents can develop reading habits in children at home?

 How to help children in reading at home?

  • Identify the Weakness – To begin is to identify the areas in which children needs improvement. Problems faced by students vary person to person like from sounding to understanding what are you reading. After identifying the problem you can focus on that key part and help children in overcoming that.
  • Regular Reading Habit– Developing habit of reading among children can really help in doing wonders. Famous phrase “Practice makes the man perfect”, likewise if children are doing reading regularly can improve their reading skills and become proficient in it. Parents should accompany children while reading so that if they stop somewhere they get proper assistance.
  • Read in Front of children – Kids learn a lot through observing. When they see their parent’s reading magazine or newspaper in front of them, they will get inspired and may start developing the same habit. Creating such environment will help them in improving the reading skills.
  • Take students to Library Trips– Taking students to library trips where they find books everywhere will somewhere influence them. Telling the importance of books and reading will build interest of children in reading. Introducing them with different genres of books will attract them towards reading.
  • Let child pick their topic of reading– Reading is a fun activity and if its forced then its not a fun anymore. If children chose on their own the book they want to read will excite them in reading it whereas If they are given to read book forcefully which they don’t like will eventually lower down the enthusiasm in reading.
  • Build Strong Vocabulary – A children with strong vocabulary reads well than the person with no vocabulary skills. Parents should make their student to join vocabulary classes which will support in making strong foundation for reading. There are a lot of online platforms where students can learn vocabulary and reading like Online vocabulary and reading classes.
  • Re-read favorite books – Children really love to read their favorites books again and again. Every time they read it again, they connect with words they see again which gives along lasting imprint on mind of a kid.

Conclusion – Home is the first school and parents are the first teachers in children life as they start learning first from home by observing the surroundings, Giving kids a reading environment will for sure improve their reading . They will adapt the surroundings and they will have develop habit of reading. If you are not able to give time to children then online reading classes is the best option where students learn to read in a fun and interactive manner.