Planning to install a new window treatment? Don’t just contemplate the aesthetic appeal. Consider the provision for energy efficiency as well. See how you can scale down the energy use to save electricity bills. 

Choose innovative window treatments and stop throwing money out of the window.  Buy plantation shutters to save upto 25% of your energy bill. Yes, you read that right! There are many ways to mount plantation shutters in your home.

How do Plantation Shutters Work? 

The Inherent Structure

Quality plantation shutters Melbourne effectively blocks solar heat during sizzling summers leading to lower energy bills for the home. Indoor plantation shutters seal right up against the window frame and reduce heat loss during chilling winters. 

In simple words, the inherent structure of window plantation shutters offers fantastic insulation for your homes. Closing the louvres creates an air pocket between the window and the shutter. Additionally, the material of the plantation shutter insulates heat. 

Higher R-Value

The thermal resistance or R-value measures the energy efficiency of window treatments. A high R-value denotes better thermal resistance. A plantation shutter’s R-value depends on its material composition. 

Window plantation shutters Melbourne can have an R-value up to 4.0 when appropriately installed by an experienced and professional shutter company.

Build Material

Composite PVC plantation shutters are the most energy-efficient option. Wooden plantation shutters have a comparatively less insulating property. However, the tiny air pockets in the wood’s cellular structure offer natural insulation better than other window treatments. 

Moreover, wooden plantation shutters are resistant to extensive sun exposure. 

During more temperate seasons, like Fall and Spring, you can control the airflow within your homes by simply adjusting the louvres. 

Energy Saving Benefits Of Plantation Shutters

Creates An Insulting Barrier

Indoor plantation shutters, when installed, leaves a narrow space between the windows and the shutter, which creates a barrier. 

The inherent structure of the shutters hinders cold air from getting in and hot air from escaping outside during the long frosty winter months. 

With more heat retained, the requirement for electric heating would be much less, thereby reducing energy consumption. 

During summer, the barrier can keep the scorching heat from penetrating your interiors, adding to the energy efficiency of air-conditioners. 

Regulates Light 

The best-known feature of window plantation shutters is the light regulating louvres. You can modify the amount of light entering your home by adjusting the louvres or slats. You can utilise the natural light for your lighting requirements by partially opening the louvres. 

The louvres function in a similar way to a sunshade in a car. They can completely block out the sun’s ray and other exterior light. They eliminate intense solar radiations rather than absorbing them. 

Ultimately this results in less heat retention during warm summers. You can use low-wattage energy-efficient bulbs or smart lighting systems to reduce your energy expenses. 

Offers Insulation

Indoor plantation shutters insulate a home by eliminating upto 50% radiant heat transfers. Shutters are designed with thicker materials than blinds, therefore, making them more energy-efficient.  

They help to maintain your home’s interior temperature that may otherwise get affected by poorly insulated windows. 

Why Plantation Shutters Can Be Better Than Just Curtains?

Curtains also offer a certain degree of insulation. Thick blackout thermal curtains are a great option for insulating your homes. However, even the best material of the curtains have much less R-value. 

Window plantation shutters are crafted from solid materials like basswood, teak wood and PVC that provides a denser barricade than insulting fabrics. 

In a cold climate, curtains may create condensation as the air warms against the cold glass. It creates a perfect atmosphere for moulds and mildew. The slats in the plantation shutters prevent this problem as they allow free air movement. 

But if you’ve got a soft corner for curtains, you can always pair them up with your plantation shutters. Create a dramatic flair with contrasting colours or a calming appeal with cool pastel shades. 

Install Plantation Shutters To Conserve Energy

Concerned about the overall aesthetic of your home with plantation shutters? Plantation shutters are not dull anymore. 

You don’t need to sacrifice style and functionality for saving your energy bills. Illustrate both grandeur and utility with robust PVC plantation shutters. Go for an elite makeover with white teak shutters, or if you’re on a budget, opt for basswood. 

Give your homes a timeless and elegant look with bespoke indoor plantation shutters.