For any sportsperson, a break in sports leads to various psychological setbacks. People who are into outdoor sports were appalled when a nationwide lockdown was announced. At this juncture, augmented reality played an important role in keeping them actively follows their dream.

When playing any sport, our inherent competitive nature is to implement everything at hand to gain an advantage. Similar is the case with golfers. Players augment their abilities by using the latest technology in drivers, golf balls, apparel, and swim simulators. Passionate golfers can now use augmented reality applications, which can help them play golf by blending the barrier between real world view and computer-generated imagery (CGI).

The Process of AR and its benefits

AR technology’s fundamental idea is to superimpose computer-generated graphics over the environment as we view it by using various camera functions on mobile phones and tablets. The application helps the golf player to view the golf course from their homes and other vantages. Let us find out some of the benefits of the application of virtual reality in the game of golf:

  • The major takeaway point is that this technology allows users to perform the same movement and strokes encountered while on the real golf course. The technology is so advanced that there is 100% accuracy of shots.
  • The quality and type of clubs that are offered through this media are top-class. It is seen that the clubs and courses are similar in terms of breadth, length and extent. Additionally, they effectively mirror the real-world environment.
  • Apart from providing high-quality virtual reality, the applications allow users to choose from some of the world’s most popular golf courses. From the comfort of your house, you can tour the best fields and play as much as you can. It is evident that the golf player will not have to worry about the weather or the sun or air if he once starts to use this technology.
  • Many online gaming platforms offer players a truly remarkable end-user experience. The applications allow the players to easily identify the green along with the bunkers, water bodies, trees that are generally seen while playing the game on a real golf course.
  • The app can provide specific distances to each feature alongside helping golfers know about the placement strategies to have a winning edge over the competitors. The apps also have features like tools that improve the game of the players. They can have the best caddy for the best advice and moral support. This can help the golfer perform better. Moreover, the apps can recommend what club is best for a particular shot.
  • The augmented reality applications come with unique features like keeping a track record of scores of competitors, showing statistics, recommend clubs, historical data and statistics of each hole.

Requisite Technology

For programming an application that improves what a user can view, the applications have to use the Global Positioning System (GPS) and the inherent mobile compass hardware. The application is entirely reliant on geo-location hardware for generating accurate computer graphic overlays. Integration of the existing technology with a mapping API or Application Programming Interface can further the scope of the application by enabling bird’s eye view and other benefits to the VR golf game.

Augmented Reality incorporates a robust data aggregation tool that helps extract information and analyse them to produce a summarised statistical inference depending on which feedbacks are given. This technology is in its infancy. However, the scope is unlimited, especially in the sports field. This innovative technology boosts the budding golfers as it backs golf simulator. On the other hand, this can also encourage tech-savvy individuals to portray their talent in multiple industries like gaming, travel, transportation, hospitality, healthcare and many more. Augmented Reality can be used to develop app-based services. Therefore, it is advantageous for start-ups and other business owners who want to have a solid customer base.