Large goods vehicle drivers are the drivers that are responsible for the transportation of goods from one location to another. They help manufacturers or wholesalers supply goods to their customers. They transport those goods locally, nationally, and internationally.

Large goods vehicle drivers often spend most of their time on the road and are mostly away from their friends and family. They also plan delivery schedules and make sure goods are delivered to the owners at the right time and in good quality.

The demand for LGV drivers is increasing every day and it is not going to stop any time soon. This is because there is a high demand for transportation of readily available goods in every industry. Are you looking for a career with long- term secured job? LGV driver is the best choice for you.

How to become an LGV Driver 

Before you become a licensed LGV Driver, there are specific steps you need to follow. They includes

You must be above eighteen years 

The minimum age you can enroll as an LGV Driver is eighteen years. You must also have a driver’s license and driver’s Certificate of Professional Competence qualification.

Pass the D4 medical test 

Before applying for an LGV Driver’s license, you must pass the D4 medical test. The D4 form is obtained from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency website and it is filled by a professional medical practitioner.

This can be done by your doctor. The LGV Driver training provider can help you with it to reduce stress. The cost of this medical test varies depending on where you do it.

Apply for LGV Driver License 

After passing your medical test, you will apply for your LGV Driver License. The application is free but you will need to fill a D2 form on the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency website. After filling it, you will send it to the DVLA along with your D4 form. You will also send the photocard of your driver’s license.

While filling the form, make sure you read all the instructions carefully and provide the right documents. Avoid mistakes as they can delay your application process.

After this, you need to start preparing for both your practical and theory test. You can get help from LGV Driver training providers. They will give you all the information you need. They will also train you and prepare you for both your practical and theory test.

Choose the best LGV Driver training provider 

Choosing the best LGV Driver training can often be difficult because they are a lot and they offer the same services. It is important to know that the cheapest is not always the best. Therefore, you need to choose an LGV Driver training provider that has a good track record.

You need to also look at its structure and how it train its candidates. Is it a well-established LGV Driver training provider or a broker that depends on subcontracted trainers? This is because their advantages are different.

Most LGV Driver training often takes between five to seven days of intensive training to prepare you for your test. Many LGV Driver training providers first access their candidates to know their strengths and weakness. This will help them determine the length of the course.

They provide different materials that their candidates can use for assessment before going for their final test. They also train them on how to drive safely and professionally.

The LGV license test is carried out by a Driving Standards Agency examiner in different types of road and it often lasts for about ninety minutes.

Benefits of becoming an LGV Driver 

Better Opportunity 

Because of the increase in demand for the LGV drivers, many companies are ready to pay huge salaries to secure the drivers. When you obtain your LGV Driver’s license, you have a big opportunity in the industry because of the huge demand.

Getting more experience and certification to drive larger vehicles will also increase your job prospects. This makes you more valuable and sorts after when you are looking for a job.

Job Security 

LGV Driver’ jobs are much secured, unlike every other career because of their high demand in the industry. Companies are willing to pay better salaries and also provide good training for their drivers.

Career Development 

The more your qualifications and experience as a large goods vehicle driver, the more your career develops. As a large goods vehicle driver, you have more opportunities to grow and face a lot of challenges that will make you a better person.

You will also learn more skills and develop the ones you already have. Eventually, all this will lead to an increase in your salary and years of experience.

Growing industry 

The demand for large goods vehicle drivers is increasing every day and it will continue to increase. This is because there is a high demand for transportation of readily available goods in every industry. The shortage of LGV Drivers has made many companies invest more in their drivers by giving them training that will help improve their skills and also develop new skills.


As an LGV driver, you will be driving to different places, and also visiting new locations every time. This will give you an understanding of different cultures and you will also understand people better. It opens your eyes to different things and you will be able to relate more with different people.

As an LGV Driver, you do not only drive but you also have a sense of responsibility for the goods you are driving. You want to make sure it is safe and gets to its destination in good condition.

It teaches you to be very open and willing to learn new things. This is because you drive to different states and countries that you know nothing about. You also learn how to be comfortable being alone.

You also drive for many days or sometimes weeks without seeing your friends and family. Therefore, you are trained to be mentally and physically good and be able to deal with stress.