Having a swimming pool in your backyard is a great way to beat the summer heat, but as you may have noticed, it can be tough to keep it in pristine condition all year. That’s why hiring a pool cleaning company is recommended if you don’t have the time, knowledge, or pool cleaning equipment to do the job yourself. But before you hire a pool cleaner, take a look at the following steps to find the best company possible so you can ensure your pool is in good hands.

Get Recommendations You Can Trust

As you start to look for pool cleaners, you might feel overwhelmed with all the options. You can quickly narrow those down by asking for recommendations from friends, family members, and neighbors who have pools. Find out which pool cleaners they’re happy with and why, and then add them to the list of companies to look into.

Try to get a list of at least five companies to research and get pool cleaning quotes from. If you can’t get that many recommendations from people you know, check out online reviews to get an idea of which companies have the best ratings so you can add them to the list to consider.

Look for Pool Cleaners Who Offer All the Services You Need

Now that you have a list of pool cleaning companies to look into, you should browse their website or call them to find out which services they offer. Some companies focus mainly on cleaning the pool and balancing the chemical levels, but they don’t inspect equipment or make repairs. If you only want the bare minimum help with your pool—and you’re on a budget—such a company may work for you.

But if you want comprehensive help with your pool so you don’t have to spend much time cleaning and fixing it, look for a company that offers the following services:

  • Skimming the pool surface
  • Balancing chemicals
  • Cleaning pool walls and steps
  • Cleaning the skimmer, filter, and pump baskets
  • Acid washing the pool
  • Draining the pool when necessary
  • Inspecting pool equipment
  • Repairing equipment, such as vacuum, pumps, pop-ups, filter, etc.

You might not need these services right now, but you likely will at some point. And being able to use a pool cleaning company that you’re already familiar with will help repairs go as smoothly as possible when you need them.

Consider Your Budget

Another detail to think about is how much you can spend on pool cleaning services. While you don’t want to simply go with the cheapest option, you also don’t necessarily need to choose the highest priced one, as high prices don’t always equate to high quality. Instead, think about what you can afford to spend each month on pool cleaning services, and then get price quotes from several companies.

As you get quotes, make sure you understand what’s included in the price you’ll pay. In many cases, you’ll get a price for regular maintenance on your pool, which typically includes cleaning and balancing the chemicals on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. You should be able to add extra services as needed, so be sure to see prices on those, too. Keep in mind that your price quote will be based on several factors, such as the size and type of pool you have, how often you want it to be serviced, and which services you need. As you get price quotes, be sure to get them all in writing so you can carefully compare prices from several pool cleaning companies.

Choose a Pool Cleaner with Insurance

Once you’ve looked at reviews, services, and prices, you’re almost ready to choose a pool cleaning company. But one last detail to find out is if they have pool cleaner liability insurance. This type of insurance will protect you in case the worst occurs while someone is cleaning your pool.

For example, if your pool is damaged as a result of the cleaning services, pool cleaner liability insurance will pay for repairs. And if the person cleaning your pool gets injured on your property, this insurance will pay for medical expenses so you don’t have to. Basically, pool cleaner liability insurance should give you peace of mind while your pool is being cleaned, so be sure to ask companies if they have it before you make your choice on which one to hire.

Now that you know how to find the best pool cleaner, you should be ready to make your decision with confidence so you can start enjoying your sparkling clean pool!