We all want to look our best on our wedding day and to do it right, we spend days and even months planning it. The bridal lehenga plays a huge role in the wedding. Some brides make themselves look ravishing by wearing the right kinds of bridal outfits. Be it the colour, the dupatta (long scarf), the jewelleries, everything falls in place beautifully for those brides. But sometimes brides turn up as utter fashion failures. Nothing seems to work for them. These fashion disasters can often dim down the confidence of the brides. They regret not knowing the fashion tips beforehand. Indian wedding services UK connects you to the best wedding lehenga makers to make your wedding more memorable. Now, if you’re getting hitched any soon, this is the time for you to know everything. Here, I have come up with some tips that can make you look magnificent on your D-day. So, grab a pen and paper and jot down what you feel is necessary for you.

●     Know Your Body Type

This is the most significant part while you’re choosing a bridal lehenga for yourself. You have to know what your body type is. Whether your body type is hourglass or pear shaped or athletic, you will require a different outfit for each one. The lehenga that suits the pear shaped body will not go with the athletic body type. Keep your eyes open for this one.

●    Get to Know the Colors

While choosing the perfect bridal lehenga, it is very important to know what color you would like to put on. You have to keep in mind what color suits you best. Fair complexion has different hues than that of dusky tones. So, what a dusky bride can flaunt might look completely flushed out on a fair bride. Also keep in mind that your lehenga color is a part of the whole wedding color scheme. Talk to the Indian wedding services UK and see what they can come up with.

●    Find out the Right Length

Neither do you want your legs to show from underneath the lehenga, nor do you want to trip over the lehenga and fall down. Choosing the perfect length for the bridal lehenga is very important. Get your hands on that particular outfit which will be comfortable for you and which you will also be able to flaunt. Often, the fabric, bead work, lace work etc. make the bridal lehengas wear down a little bit. In that case, you’ll have to find the best designers for best results.

●    Take Time into Consideration

Whether you’re getting married during the day or night, matters a lot while choosing the perfect bridal outfit. If you are getting married in the day, then go for lehengas with softer and cooler hues such as lilac, sky blue etc. Floral patterns and pastels also work nicely for daytime brides. For the nights, you can always go for darker glam lehengas. Colors like wine red, black-gold look really good at night.