What is Outdoor Lighting?

Generally, any lighting that is used for outdoor spaces, such as lawns, gardens, patio, terrace, alleys, roads, and so on, is known as outdoor lighting. Outdoor Lighting is considered an essential element to ensure the security of an area. Furthermore, it also adds to the aesthetic of outdoor decoration.

What are the types of Outdoor Lighting?

Outdoor Lighting can be classified into two broad categories. The two types of outdoor lighting solutions that are available in the market are public space lighting and private space lighting. Public outdoor spaces include alleyways, pavements, public parking spaces, public gardens and parks, etc. In contrast, private outdoor spaces include balcony, private terrace, private garden or lawn, private parking space or driveway, etc. The purpose of outdoor lighting varies depending on the location. Private outdoor space lighting focuses on the enhancement and beautification of the location in addition to security. Contrarily, Public outdoor space lighting primarily focuses on ensuring and enhancing the security of the location.

The private outdoor space lighting is a blend of style and utility. The private outdoor space lighting is available in different designs and styles to enhance the beauty of the space. Apart from being stylishly designed, the outdoor lighting is energy-efficient and budget-friendly. The lighting illuminates the outdoor space to create a pleasant well-lit ambience. Also, the lighting can help in illuminating the dark areas to help people check for unwanted trespassers.  

Lighting in public spaces is critical for public safety and security. Well-lit pavements and roads can minimise the risks of road accidents and other hazards. Additionally, a well-lit outdoor space makes people feel safer in general. Therefore, the outdoor lighting of public spaces is bright and energy-efficient.

Developments in Outdoor Lighting

With the growing focus on sustainability and landscape designing, the lighting industry has undergone several changes. Contrary to the early traditional lighting, the industry is shifting its focus to outdoor LED lighting. LED lighting is proven to be more sustainable as it consumes less energy and lasts longer. LED lights and bulbs can be recycled and repaired as well, which results in lesser wastage. 

Outdoor Lighting Choices

With the gradual development in technology and growing demands for a variety of lighting solutions, manufacturers have come up with a wide range of outdoor lighting solutions. The advanced LED outdoor lighting solutions cater to all demands of the market. Some of the popular outdoor LED lighting solutions are as follows:

  • Bollard Lights: Using the idea of floor lamps, manufacturers have developed bollard lights. The multi-functional bollard lights are available in different light intensity options. Overall, the bollard lights can light up outdoor spaces, such as pavements, driveways and gardens.
  • Bulkheads: Bulkheads are high-intensity outdoor lighting solutions suitable for all outdoor space. Modern LED bulkheads are available in different designs and shapes to enhance a terrace’s beauty and illuminate dark pavements and roads.
  • Floodlights: Floodlights are a preferable choice for gardens, parks, stadiums and other large open spaces. Floodlights are high intensity LED lights focusing on a specific area. Floodlights are very commonly used for night-time matches, games, events, etc.
  • Post Top: Post Tops are another variety of LED lamps suitable for illuminating pavements, driveways, gardens, terrace, etc. Post Tops can be installed atop high posts like street light lamp posts.
  • LED Strip Light: LED Strip Lights can be used to decorate terrace, balconies, gardens, patios, etc. The Strip Lights add to the aesthetic of the landscape and enhance the beauty. The Strip Lights are low-intensity lights, available in different colours and varying lengths. Its ribbon-like structure adds the flexibility of application, allowing one to install it however they wish.

Making the Choice of Outdoor Light

While choosing an outdoor light solution, one should consider the efficiency of lights. LED lights are among the most energy-efficient and budget-friendly lighting solutions for the outdoors, making it the best choice in terms of efficiency. Apart from this, one should decide whether they are specifically looking for functional outdoor LED lighting or decorative LED lighting. For example, Led strip light is ideal for decoration purposes. However, it is not suitable for dark pavements where a high-intensity light source is necessary. On the other hand, high-intensity floodlights are ideal for large open spaces but not suitable for smaller open spaces like balconies or terrace. Keeping these ideas in consideration will help anyone choose the perfect outdoor lighting solution.