D-link DAP 1325 extender setup and configuration via WPS: To configure the D-link extender, you need to set up the extender to connect to the uplink or source network. Most convenient way is through a one-touch setup using a WPS button.

For D-link WPS configuration, your uplink router or access point must feature and support a WPS button.

  • Ensure that the status or WPS LED on the D-link DAP 1325 extender blinks amber light.
  • Push the WPS button on the uplink router or the access point on the uplink network.
  • Simultaneously, within the next few seconds, push the WPS button on the D-link DAP 1325 extender.
  • As the network connection starts to establish, the WPS LED flashes green light.
  • Allow the D-link DAP 1325 extender to finish connecting to the uplink network.
  • The status LED turns solid green when the connection is successfully completed.
  •  D-link DAP 1325 extender is configured and could be used as a wireless repeater.

Note: The smart signal WPS LED gives an indication of connection status.

A single amber LED bar indicates poor connection after configuration.

The more lit LED signal bars indicate good connection.

Thereby, to improve the quality of the network connection, position your D-link DAP 1325 extender to an optimized location.

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