Now that you know the difference between a profile and a Facebook page and why it is worth choosing the second option to promote your business, we are going to see the steps to do so

To start and create a Facebook business page you have to enter the main page of the social network and then follow these instructions:

1. Click on the option ‘Create a page’

You can find it below the profile registration form, in a slightly disguised link.

2. Choose your type of business

Among the options that appear, you can select ‘Place or local business’, if you already have a physical store, or ‘Brand or product’ in case you sell online.

3. I included business data

Whether you go for the option ‘Local place or business’ or ‘Brand or product’, choose a category where to frame your brand and fill in the requested information.

4. Uploaded a profile and cover photo

You can upload the photo from your computer or from a URL. To better present your brand, the ideal is to use your own logo. After loading it, click ‘Next’.

5. Give the details of your business

From this moment on, everything is much more intuitive!

If you didn’t upload a cover photo, Facebook will remind you to upload it. In addition, you will have to complete a brief description of your business  to present your store and create a username for your page (we recommend that it be your brand!) 🙂

Ready, you have already created a Facebook page for your online store!

In future articles we will see customization tips that you can apply so that your fanpage is in tune with your virtual store.