Corrugated boxes are a popular choice among various manufacturers for many reasons. However, one of the primary reasons for their popularity is that they are incredibly resilient. Hence, their durability makes them excellent for shipping and deliveries as well. Furthermore, they can be used for retail purposes as well.

Therefore, these boxes are the go-to choice for several manufacturers. However, apart from keeping the products safe, it is also crucial to display them in the best way possible. Moreover, unique and eye-catching designs are also an excellent way to help your products stand out from the rest. So, here are some of the ways you can design outstanding corrugated boxes wholesale as well.

Find the right type of box

The first step to designing the perfect box is to determine which design works best for you. Packaging companies offer numerous designs that have customizable shapes and sizes as well. So, you can pick any box design that suits your products and your requirements best. Some of the designs here:

• Two-piece boxes.

• Dispenser boxes.

• Display boxes.

• Pillow boxes.

• Sleeve boxes.

• Mailer boxes.

• Tuck-end boxes.

Additionally, you can also personalize the coating of the corrugated packaging boxes. There are three coatings offered by packaging companies for this purpose. These include spot UV, matte, and gloss coating.

Represent your brand through your packaging

A unique packaging design can help set your brand and its products apart from the rest. Moreover, such boxes can also increase your brand recognition as well. So, there are several things you can do to create distinctive boxes for a better business.

For example, colors are one of the first things that grab the customers’ attention. Hence, by using the right color scheme, you can make the boxes more appealing and eye-catching. In addition to this, you can also pick a color model for the boxes as well. The two models you can use are CMYK and PMS.

If you are offering a luxurious product, it is necessary to make the packaging look high-end. Hence, add-ons are an excellent way to enhance the packaging’s design. Furthermore, add-ons also help to highlight the intricate details of the boxes as well. Here are some of the add-ons you can use for creating special corrugated  boxes:

• Foil stamping.

• Embossing.

• Debossing.

• Die-cutting.

• PVC window.

In addition to this, you can also create unique boxes with the help of patterns as well. For instance, you can include polka dots or stripes of specific colors to create distinctive boxes.

Add necessary details with printing

When customers go shopping, they find every product packed in a box. Hence, they read the box to know more about the product. Therefore, it is necessary to include essential details regarding your products on the boxes. Furthermore, the unique and enticing qualities of the products can also impress customers as well. So, this is a great way to convince customers to buy your products.

On the other hand, if you plan to use the boxes for shipping, you can include the necessary instructions on handling the boxes. Furthermore, printing the logo and brand name in the boxes is also essential.

Packaging companies also offer different printing techniques for custom printed corrugated boxes. Your options include:

• Digital printing is one of the most inexpensive options available. However, it is only appropriate for prototypes as its results are not long-lasting.

• Flexography printing is an affordable option that gives good results. Furthermore, it is available in different colors, as well. However, its price may differ based on the number of colors used.

• Lithographic printing gives the printed material a soft and shiny look. However, an extra layer is needed so the corrugated material does not absorb the ink.

Make the packaging safer with inserts

Keeping the products safe is an important task when it comes to packaging. Hence it is necessary to utilize every available option to keep your products secure. Although white corrugated boxes are durable, you can make them even better with the help of inserts. Inserts prevent the products from moving around inside the box. Hence, this keeps the products safe and keep them organized as well. Furthermore, inserts are crucial for shipping safely as well. Here are the inserts you can use for kraft corrugated boxes:

• Cardboard.

• Paper.

• Blister.

• Foam.

• Punch inserts.

• Fence inserts.

Choose the right packaging partner

Choosing the right packaging company is an essential step towards achieving your packaging goals. Hence, it is crucial to make this decision wisely. So, to find the right company, it is important to do brief research. By comparing suitable companies, you’ll be able to find the one most suitable for you. Additionally, it is also necessary to consider if a certain company offers your required services within your budget.

After choosing a company to order the wholesale Corrugated Box Packaging, you can get help from their professional staff for designing the boxes. In addition to this, you can also request a prototype before placing your order. This will help you see if the boxes’ design is satisfactory or not. Here are the different prototypes you can choose from:

• Flat view.

• 3D inspection.

• Physical sampling.

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