The Samsung Xpress M3015dw Laser Printer Setup is a compact printer that deserves a small place on your desk. This printer is uniquely designed for home and small office use. The output quality of this printer is excellent when compared with other printers. Even the paper handling capacity of the printer is good. Hope you have completed the shipment process of the printer successfully. Here we provide the setup and troubleshooting methods for your Samsung M3015 printer. We also offer the newest version of the Samsung M3015DW printer software for any OS version of a computer or laptop.
How to Install Samsung Xpress M3015DW Printer
Before starting the setup process, check if the manufacturer’s seal is present on the printer box.
Take the Samsung Xpress M3015DW printer from the box and place it on a flat surface.
Remove all the protective tapes and packing materials from the printer.
Install the toner cartridge in the printer.
Load the paper tray of the printer with suitable sheets.
Make the power connection.
Turn on the Samsung m3015DW printer.
Download & launch the newest version of the Samsung M3015DW printer software on your computer or laptop.
Connect your printer & computer and complete the Samsung Xpress M3015DW Setup.
Here we provide the recent version of the Samsung M3015DW printer software & manual that can be computerized on your system. Locate the Driver Download & Manual Download buttons on this page to download the driver and manual of the Samsung M3015DW printer.
How to Connect Samsung Xpress M3015DW to Wifi.
Turn on the router which provides the network to connect your printer.
Ensure that the Samsung Xpress M3015DW printer provides an active internet connection.
Note down the network name and password of the router.
Power up the Samsung Xpress M3015DW Setup by force pressing its power button.
Tap the Menu button on the control panel of the printer.
Select the Network option using the directional arrows. Tap OK.
Find the Wireless option and select it. Press OK.
Choose the WLAN Settings and tap OK.
Select the Wizard or Custom methods.
Provide the network name & password of the router when the system prompts.
While connecting to the network, the wireless LED on the printer starts to blink.
Once the connection is executed, the LED on the becomes solid.
For more way to set up the wireless connection and Dell E514dW Wireless Printer Setup, get in touch with our technical experts.