Find Her Style

An advantage of buying your engagement ring from an online jeweler is the extended access to ring styles. At Valeria Custom Jewelry, we offer almost every imaginable ring style, and if we don’t have a style you want, we can design a custom ring for you. To choose the perfect ring, consider what suits her lifestyle and personality best. In addition to your budget, his personal style and daily activities are the main considerations that should guide your selection of an environment. Here are some tips that match personality traits to various styles of engagement rings:

Traditional and Elegant

Classic solitaire is timeless and showcases the central diamond without distractions. Solitaires, which are rings with a central diamond, are the most popular style for engagement rings. The more traditional solitaire features a simple metal strap. To add a little more sophistication or to ensure the center diamond is set particularly low, consider a trellis setting or a basket setting. For a more glamorous touch, add a row of diamond accents on the band or consider peekaboo diamonds (diamonds set in the gallery or undercarriage of the ring that isn’t visible from above). Three stone engagement rings are another prevalent alternative to the traditional solitaire.

Three stone engagement rings

Elegant and Outgoing

If the wearer wants to dazzle with glamor, they might love a frame that holds its diamond higher, or perhaps one that features sparkling diamonds set on the band of the ring. Halo’s engagement settings are also very popular. The Halo settings add a diamond circle around the center diamond to add sparkle and make the center diamond appear larger.

Lover of Nature and the Outdoors

Is your significant other a nature lover or someone who is happier outdoors? Ring settings with organic elements in their designs such as leaves, vines and flowers can suit her well. For an active woman, consider a setting that holds the diamond lower than the hand. A bezel setting, or a thin metal band that hugs the diamond all around its belt, is also great for protecting a diamond.

Romantic and Timeless

Does your partner love everything romantic and vintage? Consider ring settings that feature milgrain details, filigree or swirl motifs, intricate galleries, or delicate bands. Check out our diamond engagement rings featured in our antique-inspired collection. Or, if your partner loves unique and one-of-a-kind items from the past, consider an authentic antique engagement ring. Valeria Custom Jewelry has one of the largest online collections of antique rings and is constantly updated.

Modern and Contemporary

Does your loved one appreciate a modern and trendy style? Look at sculptural rings: rings that experiment with non-traditional shapes. Consider a bezel setting – a thin metal band that hugs the diamond all the way around the belt. If you want to forgo the traditional center diamond altogether, consider a wide band ring with beautiful details. Add sparkle with diamond or gemstone accents.

Not Sure?

If you are feeling insecure or overwhelmed, consider selecting a diamond but propose it with a temporary engagement setting. This approach allows you to select your perfect environment. Women take part in over 60% of engagement ring decisions, so rest assured you’re not alone. If you’d rather surprise her and are just looking for more ideas, check out our customer favorites or the top 20 custom engagement rings, which feature our most popular rings. You can also get inspiration from our top 10 pinned rings by finding out which styles are trending on Pinterest.