PSD to WordPress conversion services have an appropriate pricing structure. Several aspects lead to a better pricing structure for these services. Keeping these aspects in mind, clients can get the correct pricing for their conversion projects. On the other hand, calculating pricing with these factors will help a service provider generate higher sales, leading to more customers. This article discusses critical aspects you should consider to get the best PSD to WordPress conversion pricing.

#Cost Per Page

For a PSD to WordPress conversion project, obtaining the correct pricing relies on each page’s cost. This is a small part of the overall conversion pricing. Cost per page and aggregated for all pages give a partial answer to pricing for single PSD to WordPress conversion. It’s an important aspect while preparing a pricing structure for WordPress conversions.

#Cross-browser Compatibility

A service for PSD to WordPress conversion, including cross-browser compatibility, leads to higher pricing, as it is an essential part of genuine and thorough conversions. A WordPress conversion compatible with popular browsers like Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Internet explorer increases viability.

#Additional Features

Different service providers for PSD to WordPress conversions offer extra features, such as plugin integration, responsive web design, scripting, etc. The additional attributes for the regular conversion service would be priced higher or charged along with additions. Obtaining the right conversion price would be summed up with extra features included.

#Project Delivery Time

For a given PSD to WordPress conversion project, the time taken for completion would determine both quality and better after-sales service delivery. This becomes an essential criterion for higher pricing with the total time on project and project delivery to customer or user. Different service providers have different delivery times. Similarly, a project with a lower turnaround would follow higher pricing and vice versa.

#Flexibility from the Options Panel

Service providers that provide an options panel with the conversion services for PSD to WordPress get higher pricing. Similarly, the service provider with no flexible options would get lesser pricing for their services. Options for the footer, menu, posts, and excerpts for archives and categories with the conversion services, come with higher pricing.

#Updates and Upgrades

With the service provider for PSD to WordPress conversions, a reliability factor is an option or scope for updating and upgrading designs. Service providers would integrate or combine these updates with a higher pricing structure than others. For the best WordPress conversion pricing structure, including prices for upgrades is essential and often leads to higher pricing.


The cost and conversion of PSD to WordPress pricing structure from a specialist and experienced services provider is a high-cost factor. Numerous pricing factors are relevant, while a professional aspect to conversion services leads to double or triple pricing to WordPress conversion services.

#Money Back Policy

Custom WordPress development services with money-back policies are generally priced higher. Valuable support from the additional assurance of promised quality and credible services includes higher prices. Including a money-back policy is an essential criterion to consider before putting the pricing structure in perspective.

#Ongoing Development Support

Many service providers for WordPress conversions have higher pricing for additional support on design or development during conversions. Ongoing technical support for developing projects and till completion of the designing is a factor for pricing higher. These support services may be 24/7, 8 hours, or during the day.


Themes, templates, adds-on, and plugins are added further to a website to offer more features. Customization is a sort of facility which is imparted so that conversion can become beneficial to all owners. Most of the providers charge a fee to customize features. A good deal of bargains can be had in that aspect, or you can ask to customize the essential add-ons.

#Dedicated Resources

Before hiring a PSD to WordPress conversion service provider, you should determine whether or not you want to hire dedicated WordPress developers for your project. A company with dedicated resources offers competitive prices, and hence, you need to consider this factor.


The best PSD to WordPress conversion services for pricing comprises essential factors that lead to pricing differences. An affordable conversion can turn the fortune of a business with many benefits. If an ideal conversion partner is not found, the business will suffer significantly due to substandard websites. In this article, we have discussed the necessary PSD to WordPress conversion pricing factors. Hopefully, they will help you get affordable conversion pricing.