The UAE ranks right at the top when the discussion is around elite infrastructural facilities and a healthy working ecosystem. The foreign investors praise the government for the friendly ex-pat laws maintained by the governing bodies, and the local business owners enjoy their time doing business in the country too.

The online business industry is also on the rise, and new-age investors and entrepreneurs are willing to establish their digital ventures in the UAE. You need to obtain an online selling license in Dubai to get started with your business activities. That’s where you can seek help from Shuraa’s business consultants who’ll help you obtain the license by doing all the heavy lifting for you.

Steps to get an online selling license in the UAE

You must have a legal business license in Dubai to carry out your business activities without raising any compliance issues. Therefore, acquiring an online selling license in the UAE is a must if you want to launch a digital venture. Here’s how to obtain the same:

·  Finalize your company’s structure

The first thing you need to finalize is your online company’s legal structure. It depends on your partners (shareholders), business location, business activities, and a lot more. The best way to open your online venture in the mainland region is by obtaining an online selling license in Dubai and forming an LLC (limited liability company). However, the options are endless, and you can explore all of them before coming to a conclusion. All you need to ensure is that your company’s structure doesn’t hinder your business’s growth.

·  Trade name reservation

All business entities in the UAE need to have a legal trading name. Always choose a name that’s indicative of your business activities to avoid any confusion. Furthermore, your official name should in line with all the naming convention protocols maintained by the UAE’s government. Ensure that the company’s name doesn’t involve any derogatory terms or words that insult the culture of a community or religion. Moreover, you’re bound to use the full name of a person if you wish to keep it as your legal trading name.

·  Select your preferred business location

The business location is a critical decision and has the power to make or break any business. Where do you want to launch your company after obtaining an online selling license in the UAE? The answer to this question lies in your target audience research and overall analysis of Dubai’s marketplace. It can be the mainland region, a free zone authority, or even an offshore establishment based on your business requirements. Remember, businesses can enjoy 100% ownership of their company when they launch their company in any of the free zones in the UAE.

·  Procure an affordable office space

Many people have a misconception that they won’t need an office space because it’s an online venture. However, that’s not true because you’ll need to secure an office for your online enterprise that’ll serve as your professional address in Emirates. You should play smart by renting affordable office space since you won’t be needing large warehouses to run all your online business operations. Furthermore, keep this address updated to the government as all the legal documents and letters would land on this address only.

·  Obtain the online business license

Once you’re done with all the above steps, it’s time to apply for an online selling license in Dubai. A business license is your legal permit to carry out all the permissible activities mentioned in the license without any trouble in the UAE. Therefore, approach the concerned licensing authority and submit your application alongside all the mandatory documents. You’ll get a license approval within seven working days if everything’s fine. However, the process can extend in case of any discrepancies in the submitted documents or information provided by the applicant.

·  Launch an optimized business website

Today’s competitive market scenario has made the integration of technology into your business a virtual necessity. It’s even more crucial for online ventures as your website is the first point of contact for your target audience. Therefore, develop a stylish website that’s responsive, easily accessible and loads in quick time. Manage your inventory smartly and offer flexible payment options to the consumers to win them over and increase the customer satisfaction rate. You can take help from the legal advisors at Shuraa to understand more about how the online industry works in the UAE.

Benefits of establishing an online selling business in the UAE

Benefits of establishing an online selling business in the UAE

Online businesses enjoy several benefits in the UAE, and you can relish the same for your business too. Some of the key benefits include the following:

  1. An online business offers a low barrier to entry as you don’t require huge investments. You can plan as per your budget and increase the investment once you achieve sustainable business growth.


  1. Online ventures registered in a free trade zone enjoy 100% business ownership. They don’t need the help of any local sponsor as an LSA helps them acquire the online selling license in Dubai without getting involved in the business activities.


  1. You can enjoy an increased surplus in the UAE, thanks to the tax-friendly laws established by the government. You don’t need to pay any corporate tax, and you’re free from paying any customs duty too. Moreover, foreign investors also enjoy complete repatriation of profits and capital gains.


What paperwork goes into obtaining an online business license in Dubai?

The UAE follows a strict paperwork policy to offer risk-free business functioning to all the investors in the country. Therefore, you should abide by the laws and submit all the required documents within the specified timeframe to acquire your online selling license in Dubai. Here’s a list to make the task easier for you:


  • Copies of passport of all the shareholders in the company
  • NOC (if required from a particular council)
  • MoA and LSA documents
  • Passport copy of the local sponsor (for mainland setup)
  • A business plan document
  • Lease agreement or Eljari (if applicable)

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