A high quality transceiver module ensures the hassle-free operation of the high-density optical network and provides convenience for network expansion and management. But the major complication arises when it comes to identifying the quality performance of the FG-TRAN-SFP-LX module. This post will highlight the judgment indicators that may help you identify the right transceiver module.

Highlighted Indicators Of Quality-Centric Fortinet Transceivers

Comply with authority certification

The shortlisted module shall comply with MSA (multi-source agreement) protocol, and the manufacturer shall meet the CE, ROHS, FCC and so other essential certification that assures the quality grade performance of the transceiver. The optical module manufacturer provides the Fortinet transceivers with the same function as the switch brand according to the protocol and ensures the module can accommodate a variety of original equipment.

DOM function integrated module

And the next factor you are required to check is that the module should have DOM or DDM function integration. The specific quality parameters include working temperature, required voltage, working current, transmitting and receiving optical power, and so on. In addition, the Fortinet compatible optical module transceiver must display the detailed information of the module and prompt an alert if any.

Indicators to check before shipment

The Fortinet compatible FG-TRAN-SFP-LX transceiver must have passed the switching test before shipment. This test is essential to look for because it ensures that the optical module has standard quality, performance, and compatibility, avoids network interruption and saves maintenance time and cost. Thus, it is highly recommended to ask the transceiver vendor whether the module qualified for the switching test before making payment.

Examine the surface

It is a necessary step to see if there is any visible damage or if the golden finger is scratched. If there is any kind of damage, it indicates that the selected Fortinet transceiver is defective or maybe a used one. In this case, you need to pay attention and if find any damage, you should go for the other option and then again examine the surface. Keep examining until you didn’t get the damage-free transceiver for longer performance.

Considering the after-sales service of the transceiver supplier

However, the quality performance of Fortinet compatible transceivers can also be judged by looking after the after-sale services of the vendor. Whereas, the functional life period of a quality grade Fortinet transceiver is around 3 to 4 years, so it is a must to choose the optical module suppliers who assure quality performance and longer running of Fortinet transceiver modules.

Use of power detector

For satisfaction, it is a wise step to use the optical power detector to test whether its optical power is consistent with the parameters in the data manual. If the difference is too high, then make it very clear in your mind that the transceiver is a second-hand optical module and may not perform as per your expectation.

The above are all the possible ways that can enable you to judge as well as select the quality Fortinet transceiver modules. Go with the one that qualifies everything mentioned above along with parameter test, appearance test, compatibility, and connectivity tests to ensure that you get a high-quality Fortinet module.