Toddlers must be instructed to do some physical activities every day for at least half an hour or an hour. Some educational institutes pay great attention to the aspect of the physical growth of infants. A few activities for the physical growth of the children are listed below:

Hide and Seek Game: Hide and seek is one of the most popular games among learning activities for 3 year olds. Some toddlers get scared when they are unable to find you, so make this game very easy for them. You should hide in an obvious area where they can search with a little effort. In order to make this game an interesting and a learning opportunity for kids, you should start counting before starting the game.

Yard Work: Toddlers love to work in the yard, cleaning the yard or collecting dry leaves is not actually a task for them. They love this job and you can make the most of it. In fact, many Whittier kinder care centers in CA allow infants to take participate in these types of yard work such as harvesting vegetables, refill bird feeders, digging in the dirt, sweeping porches. These types of tasks encourage physical activities in children. You do not need to ask them to complete the work as they can get tired after some time, instead ask for a little help. In this way, you will be assisting learning activities for 3 year olds to be more energetic and setting a foundation for them to carry out these tasks without assistance one day.

activities for 3 year olds

Painting work: Let’s take a bucket filled with water and some lively colors. Ask your infants to paint the fence of the garden and stones in the yard with their friends. Parents should take to learning activities for 4 year olds and join them together to play with color and make the area colorful and vibrant.

Dance: Dance is the most favorite activity of many people, including children and adults. Dance is the best exercise that many people do in order to get the best physic. This activity can be carried out at both toddler daycare centers and home. Set a music session every day for a few hours and ask your infants and toddlers to dance to their favorite tunes.

Scavenger Hunt: Take a few toys and other favorite objects of your infants and hide them in the yard or any other easy area in the room. You can make a listing of learning activities for 4 year olds with sketches or images of the stuff and assist your infants to look for them. Avoid hiding stuff in complicated places and take great care while hiding their beloved objects. Many kids love this activity and love to discover their beloved objects.

Walking: Walking is an effective physical exercise for both you and your child, so try to make a routine of walking for a few minutes. Walks can provide a number of learning opportunities and as the atmosphere is changing daily, you can find unlimited things and topics to explore and talk about it with your toddlers. In case your infant is not walking well, you should let him travel in a stroller. Ensure that your walk is short and nearby.