Maintaining a good condition of your vehicle is essential to ensure good driving performance and utmost safety on roads. Regular maintenance of a car leads to reduced chances of accidents whilst increasing your control over the vehicle. Faculty of worn-out components will hamper your vehicle’s performance and can even result in sudden breakdowns in the middle of nowhere.

Moreover, damaged components can impact other full-functioning connected parts and create issues in them, adding to future repairs. Inspecting regular intervals not only fixes the currently faulty parts but also detects any underlying problem with your vehicle and repairs or replaces it before it becomes major.

Which minor components of a Vehicle should be Regularly Examined?

Braking System

Damaged or worn-out brakes lead to serious safety concerns and increase the risk of on-road accidents. It can cause the driver to lose command as well as delay the braking response. Often the vehicle displays symptoms of a faulty braking system such as squeaking or grinding noises while braking, leaking fluid, the car going astray while braking, vibrating pedals, brake lights turned on, and many more. The main cause of brake failure often is the result of overheating of brake pads, damaged rotor disk, overloading your vehicle, and driving through the dirt. Getting brake repair by certified technicians is pertinent to make certain of the best on-road performance without compromising safety.

Tyre pressure Check

Maintaining the right amount of tyre pressure is crucial to ensure the best overall performance of your vehicle. Under or over-inflated tyres can hamper steering response, fuel efficiency as well as provide an uncomfortable driving experience. The loss in the tyre pressure is mainly the result of a puncture, fault valve, old tyre, cracks, and seasonal change. Apart from this, 1 to 3 PSI is normally lost every month from tyres Kidderminster which can change the performance of your vehicle if not checked. Proper tyre pressure checks significantly increase tyres lifespan, improves handling, and optimizes fuel economy.

Exhaust Service

The exhaust is one of the most complex systems of your vehicle. The proper functioning of the exhaust is necessary for good performance and environmental safety. Toxic fumes including carbon dioxide and monoxide are released from the exhaust pipes due to internal combustion. The smooth functioning of the system without any problems will not only help in increasing overall engine performance but also create a low carbon footprint.

Symptoms of damaged exhaust include increased fuel consumption, loud engine noise, dragging sound, and jarring smell inside the cabin. Getting the exhaust thoroughly checked and repaired makes certain of improved engine performance, mileage, comfortable and silent ride along with significant environment protection. Consult car service Kidderminster now.

Engine diagnostics Service

Routine examination for timely maintenance of the multiple components present in your engine will not only improve its performance but also prevent any costly repairs in the future. Locating the source of the problem and carrying out the necessary repairs or replacement of damaged components require utmost accuracy and the highly skilled hands of certified technicians. All vehicles are nowadays installed with an On-Board Diagnostic System to swiftly perform engine diagnostics. During a problem with the engine, the car starts to display certain symptoms such as a decrease in mileage, check engine light turned-on, engine stalling or running rough, and an increase in exhaust emissions.

Wheel Alignment

Camber, caster, and toe, are the three main angles examined during a wheel alignment. Improper alignment results in poor acceleration, increased treadwear, decreased stability of the vehicle, and unwanted left or right pull while driving. During a misaligned wheel, the car starts going astray or is susceptible to premature tyre damage. Using advanced tools and technology to fix the alignments is crucial to ensure their accuracy.

Other Services Include-

  • Battery Services
  • Bulb Replacement
  • Suspension
  • Summer Check
  • TPMS Replacement
  • Winter Check
  • Wheel Balancing

If you are still unclear about car service or repairs or need some additional information, then consult an experienced/certified professional, who can help suggest the solution for your vehicle.