It is a very simple and time-saving process to make a btc paper wallet with Btc Official provides a platform where you can generate your own bitcoin wallet within 5 seconds. If you don’t like your public or private key, you can generate a new wallet within no time. After creating your wallet you can save it on your computer (but we would recommend you not to save it in your system because it would not be safe in your system, any user of your system can have an access to it) and also you can take a print of your wallet with a good printer and a piece of paper and then you can keep it safe with you. Btc Paper Wallet reduces the risk of hacking because it stores all your bitcoin wallet information on a printed piece of paper.


Steps to make a Bitcoin Paper Wallet with

→ Visit website.

→ Click on the “Get Bitcoin Cold Storage” tab.

→ The system would automatically generate your btc paper wallet.

→ Click on the “Print and Save” button to take a print of your wallet.