Print is no longer relevant. When questioned about marketing strategy, most digital marketing professionals would say this. However, when it comes to promoting your practice outside of the clinic’s four walls, an external marketing specialist at your physical therapy clinic needs to think beyond the box. Digital may or may not be the most successful marketing strategy for your needs, depending on your target audience. Is it worthwhile to spend the majority of your time on Instagram (whose most active demographic is aged 18–34 of its 800 million active accounts) if you have a high-medic audience? Most likely not. 

In fact, you can attract more patients in a variety of methods other than digital channels. To that aim, here are six physical therapy marketing concepts that don’t necessitate the use of the Internet: 

Collaborate with a Local Newspaper and Newsletters

To fill their pages, community newspapers are continuously on the lookout for high-quality contributed content. It offers to submit a monthly health and wellness column to local editors. Find out if a local business that publishes a customer newsletter, such as a gym, yoga class, or fitness store, welcomes outside input. Local publications are frequently available in both print and electronic formats. If that’s the case, all the better—you’ll be able to reach out to even more people. 

Team up with your Local News Channel

If you don’t mind briefly being the centre of attention, this could be a fun and unique approach to promote your services. It’s also a terrific opportunity to connect with elderly customers. Educate viewers on your expertise and the benefits of physical therapy by approaching your local news station about doing a short piece on simple strategies for maintaining good health. Alternatively, invite one of the reporters to your practice for a feature.

This strategy isn’t limited to television news; your local public radio station is also a fantastic place to promote your services and tell your clinic’s story, especially given how public radio listenership has consistently risen in recent years. 

Television Ads

Are you on the lookout for your big break? Take into account the little screen. Advertising on local television is a terrific method to reach a large audience and stand out and establish a name in your town. Of course, depending on your market, television advertising can be expensive, so if you do physical therapy practice in a big city, you might not want to go this way. If that’s the case, consider buying ad space in other local publications, such as newspapers, magazines, and radio are all examples of media.

If you decide to run advertising, make sure they convey the correct message, which means they should explain who you are, who you can help, and what type of services you provide to the patients. 

Create a Referral System 

“90 percent of people believe brand recommendations from friends,” according to HubSpot marketing experts. Furthermore, according to an Ogilvy Cannes survey (quoted here), 74% of customers regard word-of-mouth recommendations as a significant factor in their purchasing decisions. To put it another way, word of mouth is an essential component of your marketing approach. Consider sending a little something to your referring patients as a thank you for sending new business your way to tap into that referral gold mine. 

Host a Free Pain Relief Assessment 

Active people, no matter how cautious they are, are constantly at risk of harm. They may, however, be hesitant to schedule a physical therapy appointment, mainly if they have never seen a PT previously. As a result, please provide them with a low-pressure method to begin. After all, they’ll be far more likely to seek out physical therapy on their own after they see how much you can assist them. 

On a regular basis, many businesses, mainly gyms and speciality running stores, provide free injury clinics. Contact the proprietors of these businesses and offer your services for free, such as giving a lecture on a prevalent injury or delivering quick complimentary injury examinations to clinic visitors. 


While having a sponsorship booth at a race, sponsoring the local sports team, or a sign on a field at the local ball field may not immediately draw new patients, it does help to create your brand recognition, which is just as vital as recruiting new patients. Brand awareness aids in spreading your name throughout the community. You should measure marketing actions for that 200 percent ROI, but you can’t usually quantify brand awareness actions. 

In The End!!!

Print isn’t dead, but it’s also not the only way to promote your physical therapy clinic offline. You can reach folks who might not receive your message with a bit of imagination (and a solid marketing strategy)—no Internet access required.