As you know, the NEET exam is conducted for a total worth of 720 marks. Being the major subject, Biology covers 360 marks of questions which are further bifurcated equally into zoology and botany. Biology is the most scorable among the three subjects because all the questions of Biology are from NCERT. To score well in Chemistry and Physics, you need a good grip over the concepts, numerical and mechanism part. For Biology, all you need is a readiness of the concepts and a keen eye that never misses any hidden concept within the plethora of syllabus. Today we will disclose before you the crucial steps behind scoring 300+ marks in Biology. We ensure you before moving further that you don’t have to be a genius to score 300+. All you need is consistency. Below you can follow the steps on how to score 300 in NEET biology.

How to Score 300 in NEET Biology

It becomes crucial on the student’s part to always look for every nook & corner to gain extra marks, Below are all the methods that will help you in scoring a whooping 300 in NEET Biology.


No matter how complex a topic is, you have to read it if it is mentioned in NCERT. If you find learning from the NCERT textbook hard, then study from other NEET reference books such as MTG’s NEET Guide for Biology.

  • NEET Guide is the best reference book for covering the NCERT syllabus of class-11th & 12th Biology.
  • The book also provides exercises for the practice of the chapters after completing the theory part.
  • NEET Guide also contains previous 10-year question papers that help you understand the types of questions asked in the NEET exam.

Prioritize learning through facts and figures.

The questions asked from NCERT are either from the previous year’s questions or extracted from the NCERT textbooks.

Mostly the questions that students think are from “out of syllabus” is extracted from the charts or figures. So, this is where you need a keen eye to ensure not missing even a single question.

For assistance in keeping an eye on the concepts, you can study from MTG’s Objective NCERT at your Fingertips.

  • NCERT at your Fingertips is the best book to extract facts from each line of NCERT and presents them in the form of Objective questions.
  • The book provides 100+ questions in each chapter to have the confidence to cover the whole chapter.
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Keep solving Previous year’s question papers.  

Solving the previous year’s question papers will benefit in two ways-

  • It will give you an idea of what type of questions are asked from various chapters.
  • Solving previous year’s papers will benefit you by covering the prospect questions that might be asked in your further attempt.

So, make sure to solve as many previous year questions as possible through MTG’s 34 years of chapter-wise topic-wise solutions. The book is bifurcated in a chapter-wise topic wise manner. Hence, it provides a previous year’s question bank of more than 3000 questions in Biology.

Understand the topic weightage and prepare accordingly.

Various chapters in biology hold various weightage of questions. To cover the one chapter with low weightage, do not miss out on the high weightage. For this, you may study MTG’s NEET Champion considered being one of the most useful Biology Books for NEET.

  • NEET Champion provides a chapter-wise graphical analysis of weightage at the start of chapters and provides questions from the previous-10 years.
  • The chapter-wise bifurcated questions give an idea of topic weightage from the chapters.
  • The book provides level-wise unit tests to check your readiness for units.
  • To check the complete preparation of the subject, the book provides 5 model test papers.

If you ensure to study, keeping the above four points in mind, you will easily score 300+ in the “Biology section” of the upcoming NEET exam. Do not deviate from your consistency and you will surely crack your aim!

All the best!