Rise and Shine! Start your morning right with a complete breakfast with a multifunction breakfast maker of your choice. Enjoy freshly fried egg, brewed coffee, toasted bread or whatever your morning palates desire. Everything could be done with just one machine, saving space, your energy and time!

As you are spoiled with several choices of multifunction breakfast maker, how do you narrow your options to choose the ideal maker? Well, here’s a simple guide to assist you with the selection process. The best way is to identify the type of breakfast meals that you will like to prepare every morning.

Griddle or Pan or Boiler

The most important component of the cooker is where the eggs, bacon, sausages, pancakes, grilled tomatoes and others are cooked.

What you need to pay close attention to is the material of the griddle, boiler or pan and whether it is easy to clean. Non-stick surfaces are excellent since you can cook with less grease and easily remove the grease when you are done cooking. It would even be better if the griddle comes with a removable dish tray. There will be no scrubbing required if the grill plates, the pan and the boiler are all dishwasher-safe.

Mini-Oven / Toaster

What constitutes a good toaster oven? It is better to have the size that is sufficient for baking and toasting (9L capacity at least) that allows you to fit up to 4-slices bread at a time or 7-inch frozen pizzas.

Beyond size, It’s also better if it comes with a precise temperature control knob, wide thermostat range (preferably 100°C and up to 250°C) and automatic shut off timer as it allows you to set the ideal amount of heat and duration depending on the type of food.

Other recommended features would be a removable crumb tray, bake pan and rack for easy cleaning. Anti-rust bakeware and heating tub that is coated with protective oil to prevent rusting is also a feature to have. Not forgetting built-in clear glass doors so that you can easily monitor your food and enjoy the moment and view of your piping hot food that is being prepared by you.

Coffee Maker

One of the main criteria of choosing a good coffee maker is leakage control and prevention. Just imagine who would want to have their coffee to be spilled over when you are just about to enjoy a cup of nice coffee. In order to prevent this, it is recommended to choose a coffee lid that is secured, not fragile and sits perfectly straight. Otherwise, it will leak.

Furthermore, make sure the coffee maker has at least 3-cup capacity with a removable water tank, coffee scoop and removable filter basket for easy cleaning.

Glass carafe is preferable as you can easily see the amount of coffee in it. It would be better to have cup levels that serve as it marks. This could serve as a guide with the amount of coffee you want to make easily.

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