GoDaddy has given us an excellent way to take our company online, by offering web hosting and domain purchase services. We are able to create our own professional email accounts through GoDaddy. However, the majority of people do not know how to connect to your workspace email from phones, but it is essential to know because a lot of times we don’t have access to our computers. So, we’ve listed a few points that you can accomplish to access your Godaddy¬†workspace email, by creating it using your iPhone.

Adding GoDaddy Workspace Email to iPhone or iPad

The following are the steps in which you can connect your workplace email to your iPhone and iPad and then you can use it through the steps to log into GoDaddy’s Webmail.

1. The first step is to navigate to the phone’s Settings.
2. Go to the Mail tab, then click “Accounts”.
3. Click to”Add Account” and then click on the “Add Account” option.
4. A page with a variety of email service providers will be displayed. You need to click to select”Other” to open the page “Other” option at the end of the page.
5. Then, tap on the “Add Mail Account”.
6. A form will be displayed in which you need to input your name, email address, password, and a description of the email to complete a login to GoDaddy.
7. Select the Account Type you want to use as IMAP.
8. In”New Account” under the “New Account” tab, under the settings for Incoming mail server, The following is the details to fill in:

  • Host Name:
  • User Name: Your Workspace email address
  • Password for the identical

9. To set the Outgoing Mail Server settings, the following information must be completed:

  • Host Name:
  • User Name: Your Workspace email address
  • Password for the identical

10. Next, press”Next” and then tap on the “Next” next button. It will take a couple of seconds for your account to be verified.
11. Now, visit iPhone Mail and access your GoDaddy Workspace email account.

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