When a house is poorly insulated and has exposed water pipes, then it can simply take cold & windy night to freeze those water pipes and thereby ultimately break them. Frozen water lines can prove to be very tricky because they might look perfectly great during the daytime because the weather will not be that cold when the sun is shining. 

But, chances are that one morning, you’ll find the water pipes broken and there’s no supply of water. Therefore, if you want to avoid certain situations such as this, you need to be extremely proactive and take precautionary steps beforehand, so that there are no problems whatsoever in the future. That’s why, to help you out with the same, we are sharing some of the best methods through which you can spot frozen pipes around your home and thereby prevent any accidental breakage of water pipes. 

Procedures To Spot & Prevent Frozen Water Pipes

  • Inspecting The Exposed Water Pipes Either Interior Or Near The Exterior Of The Basement

It’s suggested by professional home inspection in Parry Sound services that exposed supply lines for water are indeed much more dangerous on their own. 

Even if the homeowner proceeds to close up the foundation vents of the basement (in case the water pipes are in basement interiors), it’s still possible for cold air to enter the basement and thereby freeze the water supply pipes. Similarly, if the water pipes are located outside of the basement, they’re much more likely to be frozen during the cold weather in the winter season. 

So, when water pipes are located near vulnerable locations, they require extra protection for the same. There will be moments when using ordinary foam pipe insulation would be enough to protect them. However, if you live in regions where the weather is colder, then using electric heat tapes might be beneficial. 

  • Any Evidence For Need Of Repairs

In case the water pipes have already frozen before, then they might break under additional pressure. So, if your water pipes are old and thereby haven’t been replaced in a long time, then there might be a need to perform an urgent repairing task for the same. 

Moments like these are when you need to call in a professional plumber and thereby repair or replace the worn-out water pipes. In that way, you’ll easily prevent the breakage of water pipes due to freezing. 

Besides, every year, before the winter season begins, it’s recommended that you check your water lines so that any failures could be prevented. You can also hire a reliable home inspector for the same, who will be able to perform the task in a swift and effortless manner.